Dr. Bill Atwood

Celebrate Labor Day by thanking your hardworking neighbors

This weekend the final three-day weekend of the summer season will come and go. Families will pile into their cars and trek up to our neck of the woods. Others will head to the coast, some will travel by plane to various areas and many will stay home.

On Monday, the nation will stop and honor the people who work hard every single day to create products, provide services, save lives and property, and a countless number of other jobs. On Monday we celebrate Labor Day.

Originally designated as a holiday to honor the men and women in the labor unions, along with the honoring of the union labor movement and the many contributions made by labor unions for many millions of workers.

We need to also look at some of the scoundrels and the dirty tricks used by the unions during strikes and labor negotiation periods. Just as we look at those scoundrels, we need to also look at how some business leaders treated their workers and the unions. To be sure there are enough faults on both sides.

For this coming Monday I will be celebrating with my family and friends the millions of folks who get up each day, go to work, do what they are paid to do in a professional manner, and then go home.

Day after day they work and they create a lifestyle that we all enjoy. I like to buy locally whenever I can because it helps my neighbors have work. It also helps me because I get treated like a neighbor in this area, as opposed to how I am treated in Fresno or Madera.

The prices are fair, the service is better, and it is convenient.

We also need to remember that while we are off from our jobs and enjoying a meal out or shopping, or even a day at Bass Lake, there are people working during the holiday so that we may enjoy our day of rest. Be sure to thank them and maybe even over-tip your server.

Be sure to be appreciative of the men and women in emergency services. They not only miss the holiday with their families, they have busier than usual traffic and incidents to deal with due to the influx of tourists.

Be sure to remember and pray for the men and women at home or abroad who are standing watch against the enemies of our great nation. They are too far from home to be at the barbecue or the picnic, so they create something wherever they are to celebrate the people who labor at home under the very freedom the veterans provide. Don’t forget them Monday.

Be safe as well. A hot day, a barbeque and a beer sure sound great to me. If you drink, don’t drive. Your employer and your family really want you to be there on Tuesday.

We employees also need to remember to be grateful for our jobs and thankful to our employers. In the private sector your employer has taken risks and made sacrifices to create the jobs we enjoy. In the public sector I find my employment and am delighted to work for my district teaching student’s lessons each day.

Administrators and school boards work to keep the schools open. Let’s agree to not gripe about the bosses while we take a holiday from work. If you get a paid holiday, you really should not gripe about the company.

So happy Labor Day, neighbors, and thank you for doing such a great job.