Dr. Bill Atwood

A bunch of bloviating, moaning whiners

One of the seemingly fastest growing groups in America today is the BMW Club. The Bloviators, Moaners, and Whiners are unhappy and offended at so many different things. It seems to be an outgrowth of the “everyone gets a trophy” way of thinking. Everyone wins, nobody loses, and certainly nobody can ever be offended.

Those BMW complainers need to grow up, suck it up and stop being so thin skinned. There are many things that we all don’t want to do from time to time, but others want to do those things. That is the reality in a free society. There will be things that offend. Agreed - there are some limits that we as a society have enacted into laws that set some limits. No loud noise after 10 p.m.. Limits on profanity. Libel and slander laws that serve to protect others.

I don’t like really loud music at all. Even as a teen growing up in the 60s I did not attend concerts because I knew the music would be too loud for me. Those last two words are the key here; - the “for me” doesn’t mean that everyone else must adhere to what I want. I had to stay away because I did not expect everyone to change “for me.”

As a school teacher I routinely had parents ask that their student be excused from certain activities based upon cultural differences or religious beliefs. It wasn’t a problem. Those kids would be offered another place to go or activity to enjoy while the other students watched the movie or attended the event.

Now we see a differing attitude. If someone is offended by something they expect that the entire program, party, or event be banned because it bothers just them. They hide in the shadows and want things banned but want to retain their privacy because they want to avoid the scorn and ridicule of everyone else.

This week people weren’t happy with Trump’s first comment about the violence in the rally. He offended some because they wanted stronger words of anger. The ACLU is not taking a great deal of credit for bringing the legal pressure on Charlottesville to permit the rally. The KKK, born in the Democrat Party of the south years ago, and the Nazis don’t represent what most of us think, but that is the cost of the First Amendment.

The amendment is there to ensure that words we don’t agree with can be shared. Then we can attack their words and their thoughts.

I am now hearing that some school teachers are being told that there should not be celebrations for birthdays or some holidays in classrooms because some people don’t like those types of celebrations and don’t want their kids exposed to birthday parties. Balderdash. Those parents should simply ask that their child be excused from the room during that 20 minutes worth of party time. They shouldn’t be part of the BMW group wanting to ban all they don’t agree with.

When I hear of “safe spaces” being needed on campuses to protect little snowflakes’ feelings, I grow concerned that those who can’t handle the stern realities of life will be a weak link in our society.

The schools have “opt out” plans that allow parents to monitor certain events conducted in the schools. Sign those forms and share with your children the reason’s your culture or faith doesn’t permit participation. Don’t like the music? Turn it off. Don’t like a book? Don’t read it. Don’t celebrate certain holidays? Don’t attend.

Don’t join the BMW Club ... just deal with it.