Dr. Bill Atwood

Where was your outrage then?

Ever since it became clear that Donald Trump was going to be the nominee for the Republican Party the left wingers have been vitriolic in their attacks and insinuations. Enough is enough. I voted for him for only one reason. I did not want Hillary Clinton nominating any Supreme Court Justices. He’s pompous, arrogant, and he goes against common practices at times. The attacks on everything he does go beyond the pale.

The attempted assassination of many House Republicans as they were practicing for a baseball game was a result of the heating up of the rhetoric. Had it not been for the bravery of those two police officers the carnage would have been horrific and the political ramifications very difficult with which to deal.

To the left wingers I ask about your outrage. Where was your outrage when President Clinton fired William Sessions as the Director of the FBI? Where was that outrage when one day later Clinton’s attorney, Vince Foster, was found dead of a questionable suicide?

Foster took his secrets about the Whitewater Scandal to the grave. Where was the outrage when a White House intern was called upon by Bill Clinton to perform oral sex in the Oval Office? They gave him a pass. Any other man would have been gone. Where was the outrage when woman after woman charged Clinton with sexual assaults and were paid off? So much for the left wing’s concern for women in the workplace.

Where is the outrage when we find that the DNC pays and Pocahontas Warren pay women less than they pay men in similar jobs? Where was the outrage over actions of the DNC during the campaign?

The Hollywood crowd who live in mansions behind 10-15 foot walls tell the rest of us that walls don’t work and we shouldn’t protect our borders. I guess they need to ensure that they have a steady stream of domestic workers to mow their lawns, wash their cars, and cook their meals.

I love listening to Hillary lecturing us on income inequality while wearing a $10,000 outfit. No outrage when she spews her ideas. Remember her whining that they were dead broke when leaving the White House? They amassed more than $140 million dollars in the ensuing years selling access to Hillary, and zero outrage from the left. The Clintons are in the 1% the left disparages, but no outrage.

We heard outrage when Michael Ferguson was killed as he tried to kill a police officer. The left sold us their false narrative. We heard outrage over Trayvon Martin for months on end. Try to conjure up the name of any of the five Dallas cops killed during a Black Lives Matter protest. We don’t hear their names.

We hear outrage over prayers in public places. Smut and porn are acceptable art forms so no outrage.

We hear the outrage over illegal immigrants being deported. Try breaking into a country club in Beverly Hills.

We hear the outrage over death penalty sentences but not a peep over the violent killing of 3,000 innocent babies every day in abortion clinics, which the lefties celebrate as a good choice.

We hear the lefties outrage over gun ownership and their desire to limit our Second Amendment Rights. Their armed guards protect them. What about the closing of Gitmo, Benghazi, Clinton emails, Fast and Furious, the Iran deal, Solyndra, Lois Lerner, GSAgate, national debt doubling, and burdensome regulations? No outrage from the left.

For a group self-described as tolerant, understanding, and being very inclusive, they seemed outraged at half of us.

How outrageous.