Dr. Bill Atwood

Leaky Comey

People around the world have to be amazed at how we are governed and how the media treats the American people. Our great nation is one of few places on the planet that has the freedom to elect our leaders and look at what we do to ourselves.

This week it was evident that the Dow Jones averages are at record highs. Unemployment is so low that many economists consider this full employment. Illegal immigration attempts are down to a trickle. In the past few weeks more than 600,000 new jobs have been created and yet if the people in Washington D.C. think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and the lapdog media folks are making the news so dreadful you would think that the world is coming to an end.

After eight years of Democrats telling us that there were no reasons to investigate any perceived wrongdoings in Washington they now have found the curiosity of a house full of cats. They want to investigate everything.

When four Americans died on Sept. 11, 2012, President Obama referred to those deaths as “bumps in the road.” Hillary told her daughter that it was caused by terrorism but told everyone else the attack was caused by a video. Lois Lerner stuffed the First Amendment into a paper shredder as she made sure that conservative organizations could not get IRS approvals which delayed any political activities which would hamper the Obama quest for re-election.

Gitmo detainees were sent home to rejoin terrorist organizations in the dark of the night and the president never notified Congress in advance as the law demands. A ransom of $1.5 billion dollars was paid to a terrorist-sponsoring nation by the Obama administration to ensure that the last administration could get a nuclear dear with Iran no matter what we had to give away. We lost $500 million to Solyndra on a green energy project that was touted by President Climate Change as a viable company only weeks before Solyndra declared bankruptcy.

Our nation made sure to run firearms to drug lords and drug cartels in Mexico so they could track what happened to those weapons. The mission failed and we lost track of the guns save for the one that killed a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

It took 7.5 years until the former professor could decide to not approve the Keystone pipeline with that disapproval coming after any elections that would hurt him had occurred.

Cops were being killed in record numbers and the White House sent emissaries to the funerals of the people later discovered to have caused either their own deaths or creating the situation that caused the cops to have to respond with deadly force. The White House did not send representatives to law enforcement funerals.

Hillary’s emails and server issues meant nothing.

The Democrats found nothing of concern in the past eight years with all the evidence. Now after months and months of leaks, investigations, nightly news stories we discover that there is zero evidence to show any collusion between Trump and the Russians regarding the election and the Democrats still want to search.

What we did learn was that James Comey committed a felony and has admitted it under oath with his leaks of documents. I doubt this was his first leak.

So like the dog in the movie, Up who is distracted by a squirrel here or there,we ignore the real problems in our nation because we watch nothing stories.

They need to stop the politics and fix the problems and arrest James Comey.