Dr. Bill Atwood

A tough week

The past few days have been quite interesting if you happen to be a news junkie such as I am. President Trump fired the director of the FBI unifying many on opposite sides of the aisle in their comments. Donald Trump finds that he and Rosie O’Donnell agree on that issue and many conservatives who were mad at James Comey over not charging Hillary for her crimes are happy he is gone.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer, who only a few months ago wanted Comey fired because of Comey’s actions just prior to the election, now sings the praises of former Director Comey. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi wanted him gone but now stand steadfast in their support of the man.

Many liberals are now attacking the president for firing him, forgetting that they wanted him gone months ago.

It scares me that a president has the authority to discharge the director of the FBI so easily. I understand that these directors serve at the pleasure of the president, however; I see a 10-year term as a means of keeping politics out of the FBI.

Let’s face it; Comey stepped into the mess months ago and he has shown a desire to be more vocal than many of his predecessors, with the exception of J. Edgar Hoover who seemed to be political without being political by using surveillance against his political enemies.

I find myself somewhat in agreement with Bill Maher that we have Bill Clinton to blame for this mess. Clinton is a shrewd politician and he does nothing to hurt his cause. Clinton knew that if he met the then Attorney General in a private meeting at an airport during an investigation of his wife by the FBI, the AG would have to recuse herself from making the call for the arrest of Hillary.

That decision should have been passed onto the Deputy AG but Loretta Lynch cast it upon Comey when she stated she would accept his ruling on the matter. Comey should have passed the baton back but he took it and ran with it. He could not win. Indict her and it changes the election - drop the charges and it affects the election, mention it and it has an effect and keeping silent brings charges of conspiring to cover it up.

Bill Clinton knew how this would play out and he set the trap. I never thought a week would exist when Trump agrees with Rosie and I agreed with Maher and yet the sun shone the next day.

Moving on to immigration concerns I decided to call Diane Feinstein’s office after I received her email calling for support of the bill to ensure that farmers who are illegally here would not be subject to deportation. I spoke with a woman named Sarah in her office and asked for the senator’s home address, as I figured that since Diane doesn’t mind trespassers into our country she would not mind my trespassing on her property in Pacific Heights.

I figured I could bring some of the illegal/homeless from here to her house and she would welcome them with open arms. After all ... it has a great view, many square feet and the climate is lovely. Sarah did not share the address but marked down on the tally sheet that I was opposed to a blanket wavier of deportation.

I reminded Sarah that the new enforcement policy wasn’t created by the Trump administration but is simply being enforced by them. I reminded her as well that even though they are here illegally, people are not being deported unless they break the laws on the books. Sarah admitted she did not even know the address as Diane doesn’t share that information with her staff. So much for trusting her own people. Diane also enjoys armed guards surrounding her $17 million dollar mansion at our expense while she derides the Second Amendment.

The people who can’t believe Hillary lost are still looking at the Russian connection to the election. They remind folks that the FBI is looking into the mess. What they don’t remind folks about is that the FBI folks are investigating this matter as an intelligence problem and not as a criminal offense. Please share what crime was committed.

Did the Trump campaign arrange which leaked emails would be shared on which days? No. Did the Trumps ask the Russians to try to influence the election? No. Was even one vote in any machine altered by the Russians? No.

After almost a year of investigating something that Barack Obama stated could not happen is there a single shred of evidence of a crime? No. Ergo; no collusion. Did Obama try to influence the Israeli elections? Yes. Did Obama try to influence the Brexit election? Yes. Did Obama try to influence the recent French election? Yes. Where’s the outrage?

Tough week or so, but thankfully I still find myself on the opposite sides of the issues from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I must be doing something right.