Dr. Bill Atwood

Wild claims that ring hollow

In 1986 Star Trek fans enjoyed the movie, “The Voyage Home,” which dealt with Captain Kirk and crew heading back in time to retrieve whales to restore them to the oceans of the future.

The Starship Enterprise doctor happened to be in a hospital and saw a patient in need of medical treatment. He zapped the person with a healing ray and it healed the patient. He referred to our era’s doctors as barbaric.

How we treat patients today will seem barbaric to our future relatives, just as how medical science treated our distant relatives seems cruel and barbaric to us today. Honestly, leeching, bleeding of patients, asylums? But the science was respected and that settled the issue to the caregivers.

There was a time when the world believed the earth to be flat, the earth was the center of the universe, smoking was good for your throat, and there would never be a market for computers for personal use.

Television had no marketable appeal, and man would never be able to fly. Science was sure that conjoined twins were condemned to living attached to each other, and premature babies were rarely expected to live. These were all beliefs of the best scientists in the world at the time. It was settled.

This past week many celebrated Earth Day on May 22. When I was a boy involved in the Boy Scouts I was required to be a part of the scouts conservation projects, so we cleaned up trashy beaches, built check dams to stop erosion, planted dozens of trees, and did other projects our leaders had volunteered us to do. Don’t waste the resources was key.

Many of my peers in school, who now are part of the environmentalist advocacy crowd, mocked my fellow scouts and I for our efforts. Those efforts mattered but talk is cheap especially when a celebrity arrives in a private jet to attend an Earth Day rally.

This Earth Day we were able to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Good Morning America’s documentary predicting that in 2015 New York would be underwater, gasoline would be $9 a gallon, and milk would be around $12. It was settled to them. Oops.

This year was the 29th anniversary of Ted Danson telling Congress and the nation that the oceans would be dead and we only had 10 years to live. Ted said it was settled. Oops.

Bill Nye the Non Science Guy was entertaining on television and seems charming, but his expertise is in mechanical engineering and he is not a trained scientist. He earned the moniker the science guy when he corrected a talk show host how to pronounce “gigawatt” and the guy asked him, “Oh, are you Bill Nye, The Science Guy?” it stuck. Oops.

We are told that 97% of the world’s scientist agree about “climate change.” In the 1970s it was the Ice Age that threatened us. In the 1990s it was global warming and now it is “Settled Science Global Climate Change.” The 97% came from a skewed study of 10,500 scientists surveyed worldwide. Only 3,400 responded, with 96% of the 3,400 being residents of North America. Only 6% of that 3,400 were Canadian, so that means that about 3,200 were from the USA.

Around 300 of those were from California so you can see the survey was not really random. Then the real kicker - I understand the people conducting the survey then separated out all but 75 of the surveys and only used those 75 and they found two that stated climate change wasn’t caused by man. Ergo 73, or 97%, state that climate change is caused by humans. Seventy-five out of 10,500 is close to 97%. Oops.

I don’t dispute that there is a change taking place in the climate. The glacier in Yosemite was 700 feet higher than Glacier Point at one time. Coastlines have been altered by storms and erosion, and what once grew in Iceland doesn’t anymore and some farmers have to change crops because the weather is getting warmer in some areas and cooler in others.

Al Gore predicted things in his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” but the real inconvenience are the lies and incorrect computer models he shares. Al made millions and still uses a private jet. His family fortune comes from tobacco which was touted as healthy by earlier Gores while they reaped millions. Oops.

Folks around this country all want clean air, clean water, and they are willing to make some sacrifices for both. What people like me don’t like are the wild claims that ring hollow and that are stated as “settled science.”

We can have environmental protections without being regulated and taxed to death. The preceding twelve words settles it for me.