Dr. Bill Atwood

A little safer

Donald Trump seems to be a combination of a Timex watch and the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps on ticking people off and he just keeps going and going and going. The bombing raid in Syria confounded everyone. Many of his supporters were in shock because he had stated President Obama was wrong to be involved there and that he felt we should stay out of that Civil War.

There was criticism years ago that the Obama administration drew a “Red Line” in the sand about the use of chemical weapons, and when the man from Hawaii/Chicago wimped out after the chemical weapons were used, Vladimir Putin stepped in with an offer to clean up that mess.

We were told that all the chemical weapons were gone, thanks to the Russians, and that Obama had shown the way to peacefully make Assad obey international law.

Trump saw some pictures a couple of weeks ago and decided to send a message to Assad. He sent a bombing attack on the airport used by Assad to deliver those chemical weapons that attacked Assad’s own folks. There was a message to rest of the world; there’s a new sheriff in town. While the President of China was having dinner with Trump the raid took place.

We learned a great deal that night. The Chinese President stayed the next day and continued talks with Trump, and the Russians did not go ballistic. A few words of protests and Rex Tillerson went to Moscow. They really did not seem too alarmed. We also learned that the Russians had lied and that the chemical weapons were still available to Assad. Another leading from behind failure for Obama.

Some former Obama administration folks are now telling the story that they had wanted him to do more, but Obama wanted to do less with the military and more with diplomatic talks by John Kerry. I guess Kerry can add the phrase ‘we got them to get rid of the weapons until they decided to keep the weapons’ to his legacy.

Last week the military decided to drop a MOAB weapon in Afghanistan. This bomb was not ordered by Trump but by General Nicholson, who happens to be the general in charge of that effort for the United States. How refreshing it is to have a Commander-in-Chief who tells his generals to get a plan in place, and then authorizes those generals to conduct the military operations from the battlefields. Vietnam taught us that the battles will be lost when the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tries to play military genius.

That MOAB sent a number of messages with its 21,000 pounds of TNT. Many tunnels and caves used for hiding in that region are gone. There are now 36 dead terrorists, alive one second before the bomb exploded over their heads. Terrorists around the world saw what kinds of weapons were have and the other message that we are willing to use them.

The boy president in North Korea saw our weaponry do damage while his displays of weaponry show themselves to be duds. Obama had not dealt with the “Boy Wonder” like he should have. Iraq and Iran saw what the US can do. People have heard about the 30,000-pound bomb we also have in our arsenal. Marco Rubio was right when he said, “The world is safer when America is in the leadership position.”

The US military forces also got a message that moment. They now know they are going to be led by the generals and that military operations will be designed by people who understand what the military is all about. The military has two major goals when told to complete an operation; break things and kill people. That is how you win the war. You break their stuff and kill their soldiers. Patton was right, “You don’t win a war by dying for your country but by making the other guy die for his country.”

For all the blathering of the pundits on the talk shows about the direction this country is taking in the war against the terrorists the facts are simple. The elitist corps of snobbish media types, along with the Hollywood crowd, attack Trump for every single thing he has done. They seem shocked that the bombings were ordered but I know when I heard about the Syrian bombing I felt happy. When I heard about the MOAB attack I felt happy. More so, I feel a little safer knowing we are taking the fight to them. The pundits don’t understand that most Americans support those bombing runs. The pundits and the celebs need to get out and talk to regular folks, and not their elitist “know-nothings.”

I am not a fan of Trump, but I do like he isn’t playing general and rather directing the military to defeat the terrorists. They are starting to wage that war.

Assad, zero, ISIS, zero. They were Trumped.