Dr. Bill Atwood

Muddied waters

By Dr. Bill Atwood

Does anyone anywhere have a clue what is happening in Washington D.C. with regard to who is spying on whom? Hollywood would have a difficult time selling this plot and the cast of characters in a movie. The viewers would find themselves so very confused with the plot and the lies and the “He said, no; he said, nope; I said, then again I said that he said that they said that he told them…”

You have to laugh at these folks when they think they are fooling us. Last year President Obama stated emphatically that the Russian could not ever hack into our election process and that there were too many safeguards against such an event. On the night of the election Hillary’s mouthpiece blamed the Russians for the loss. It just never occurred to that campaign team that Hillary wouldn’t be anointed by the people. Robby Mook blamed Russia. Four years earlier President Obama mocked Mitt Romney for talking about Russia as our greatest threat and now we are being asked to believe that the Ruskies controlled the election.

When the FBI, NSA and CIA were asked if any votes were altered by the Russians the answer is the same, “Not one single solitary vote was changed in the election, not one.” Yet the DNC and their hacks in the media keep telling us that the Soviets infiltrated the process. They talk about who leaked information to Wikileaks and that the information leaked and reported was what killed Hillary’s election chances. The Dems were horrified that leaks were being shared and that leaks are wrong. They did not have a problem with leaks during the Watergate investigations years earlier.

Then we are told that General Flynn was caught during a surveillance of a Russian talking about stuff that some think he should not have been talking about. This wiretap was leaked to the papers and reported and that leak of a government surveillance is a felony. The Dems aren’t upset that General Flynn’s life has been turned inside out and that his rights as an American were violated. He is the victim in this case. Nancy and Chuck are comfortable with that leak while the GOP people comfortable with the leaks about Hillary are now upset at the Flynn leaks.

If Flynn was listened to prior to the Trump inauguration then somebody in the Obama administration authorized the wiretap. The former President, just prior to leaving 1600, changed the rules about sharing classified information which allowed for such widespread sharing he knew that stuff about the Trump folks would be seen by so many that a pro-Democrat federal employee would leak it to the press. It worked like a charm.

The losers of the election are crying foul about alleged Russian involvement and they keep talking about it in spite of the comments by Obama that it couldn’t happen and that the FBI, CIA, and NSA state it did not happen. What they don’t discuss is that the community organizer used American taxpayers’ money to try to influence the election in Israel because BO did not want Bebe reelected. That influence by us is okay but they are shocked, appalled, flabbergasted, and flummoxed that anyone would ever try such a thing against a Democrat.

I have tried and tried to find a timetable to share with folks when all of this spying on Americans began and who is listening to whom and why. What I have figured out is that somebody started listening to folks who were not friends of the Obama group. The denials are all done in legalize stating that the White House did not order such spying. Of course there is not a paper trail to the White House. Underlings carry out such missions. Courts order wiretaps. Spies listen to wiretaps and share information with their bosses. Somebody got a copy and that somebody made darn sure a copy got to a newspaper reporter who shared it. That leaker needs to go to prison.

Adam Schiff is upset with Nunes that Nunes got information at the White House and now Schiff has seen it. They are so determined to score political points they leave out the true mission of the investigation.

Chuck and Nancy want to damage the Trump presidency any way that they can. His tweets will help them do that to be sure. Paul and Mitch can’t get their own party to walk alongside one another so they seem determined to waste the majority they have. The Dems attack Trump for the need for immigration reform but forget that they had the control of Congress and the White House for two years and flubbed that chance.

Meanwhile; the whole lot of them on both sides of the aisle point fingers, tell half-truths, and so muddy the waters that nobody will ever figure out what is going on.

I will help sort it all out. We can tell when they are lying because their lips are moving.