Dr. Bill Atwood

Leave us alone

Really? After being stuck with the socialist medical insurance now known as Obamacare for seven years since it was passed by the Democrats, and signed by the community organizer, the Republicans had a chance to spare us all from more governmental control of our lives. They dropped the ball to be sure.

The negotiator did not close the deal and the Speaker of the House had to pull the bill. Technically it isn’t a failure because there wasn’t a vote, and in reality there wasn’t a deadline, but the House leadership messed up big time and they have only themselves to blame for the egg on their faces. Now Nancy Pelosi should be congratulating the Republicans at this time because she had been suggesting that they “pull the bill,” which they did. She should not be critical of the decision to do so; but this is Nancy Pelosi we are talking about and she would not be happy if she were being hanged with a new rope.

Remember that Nancy essentially compared the Obamacare legislation to a stool sample when she said they needed to pass it so they could see what was in it. Sounds close to me.

There are many numbers and stories being told by the two sides of the aisle about Obamacare. I just want to look at a few. One; millions of folks may be dropping their medical insurance to be sure, but that is vastly different from millions of folks having their insurance dropped. Those millions of folks dropping coverage will include folks that just don’t want to be forced to buy a policy for healthcare by legislative decree. Some of the people are very wealthy and can afford to self-insure. Some young people are healthy and feel they can afford to “roll the dice” and take their chances with not getting seriously ill.

The old system worked quite well for most of us. Thirty million out of 320 million did not have health insurance before Obamacare. Thirty million or so do not have insurance during this reign of socialist terror known as Obamacare. Our premiums increased as much as 50% which was after we were told we would see $2,500 per year reductions. Mine went from $12,000 per year to $18,000. Deductibles have increased for many to as high as $5,000 per year or more. Co-pays are huge and many of us did not get to keep our doctors or our plans as promised over and over by you know whom.

Many companies just left the health insurance industry for two reasons - governmental regulations and financial losses. Insurance is a business loaded with actuaries that plot out the statistics that determine rates for premiums and rates of payouts. Those actuaries live for that stuff and they are good at it. The insurance companies have done well listening to those number crunchers. Obama, Nancy, and Harry Reid knew more than the actuaries and simply dictated, “this is what you will do.” The plan is a failure and is ready to collapse. The Obama family is exempt from the plan as are Nancy and Harry and their political ilk cronies.

The Republicans should have simply decided to repeal Obamacare beginning in 2019 with the following provisions. Insurance companies could sell across state lines, parents could elect to pay to keep their adult children covered until age 26, groups could be formed to buy medical insurance under more relaxed regulations (i.e. contractors could form a contractors medical group), pre-existing conditions would not bar people from obtaining medical coverage with certain limitations, and hospitals would be required to post the costs of procedures.

The Republicans got the control of the Senate, House and White House. They will be able to vote in a replacement for Scalia in the next few days (shame on the Democrats for their nasty obstructionist tactics) and still the GOP leaders were unwilling to look to, and listen to, many in their own party to get the healthcare problem fixed.

The old system worked because it was market based. I know many did not have insurance but they did have access to healthcare when required. We just need to get the government out of the healthcare business and leave us alone. Perhaps my premiums may drop or won’t go up as rapidly as they have since the government stepped in to help me. Perhaps doctors will decide to return to Oakhurst when they can earn enough to keep the doors open. Perhaps I won’t have to drive to Fresno to see my doctor.

Perhaps Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the bums can act like adults and fix the problem. One way to encourage them would be to enact this additional item into any healthcare legislation - “All federally elected and appointed officials and their families are required by law to live under the same healthcare laws and provisions as the rest of the American citizens for life.”

That would get it fixed by this Saturday. Really.