Dr. Bill Atwood

A robed wonder

Last week a federal judge in Hawaii staged a coup against the rule of law in this great nation. That doofus ruled against the temporary ban on refugees from nations that had been identified by Barack Obama.

The Trump Administration has simply desired a temporary ban on travel from those nations because there is a belief that terrorists are trying to get here from there to hurt us. The Trump folks simply want to get a handle on things while they sort out what may or may not work. A 1952 law gives the President of the United States the authority to do exactly what Trump did. Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, certainly a non-supporter of Donald Trump, was shocked at the judicial overreach.

This idiot in robes has caught too many sun rays in Hawaii and with a half-baked brain ruled not on the written Executive Order but on a statement made by a candidate during an election campaign speech. This mind-reading jurist has decided that since Trump used the phrase concerning the banning of Muslims then this order simply is an extension of his campaign rhetoric. That was good enough of this Obama-appointed activist. Further in this judge’s ruling he actually grants Constitutional standing and rights to people in those nations who are not citizens and in fact have never been here.

If that robed wonder thinks it is fair to judge campaign comments and rule on them against the proposed laws, let’s look at Obamacare and the numerous lies and deceits that flowed from the mouth of Obama during his campaign speeches. His comments about the national debt, about race relations, and taxes should be used to invalidate Obamacare, keeping your doctor, your plan, and lower premiums because it is clear from the design and the outset that Barack Hussein Obama really wanted a socialist style single-payer insurance program.

The robed wonder ruled that the Executive Order hurt the Hawaiian economy and the businesses and families in Hawaii because those refugees would be temporarily banned from the pineapple state. We have since learned that Hawaii hasn’t allowed a single refugee from those nations to come to Hawaii. What hypocrisy.

I hope many of you will write the Governor of Hawaii and tell him you won’t be visiting there on vacations to enable them to have room for all the refugees they want to welcome there under the judge’s ruling. I hope they allow the refugees to know the judge’s address so that they may go to his house to thank him for allowing them into this country.

The 1952 law was written when Trump was a boy, and has been used by other Presidents prior to Trump being elected. What we are seeing in this great nation is a conscious assault on the rule of law and the liberal judges and the uber liberals are perpetrating this coup against us all. I am not a conspiracy theorist in any way, I just am seeing that when the people conduct elections the courts toss out the results.

Traditional marriage upheld in multiple elections and five robed despots ruled it was unconstitutional. Death penalty approved by voters over and over again and judges undermine it or our Governor grants clemency to all on death row. Boy I know we all rejoice that this has kept Charles Manson and his ilk alive on our dime. Obamacare was a tax but five robed wonders did not see it that way in spite of its defenders stating it was a tax.

Trump can’t seem to do anything without a frontal assault by the liberals all around the country. If Trump walked on water the folks at CNN/MSNBC and other outlets would report that Trump can’t swim.

I only voted for Trump because of the Supreme Court nominations. Senator Schumer shows his obstructionist stance by wanting to delay, delay, delay. Before you write or call about Mitch McConnell, another one I don’t like, I will remind you that years ago then Senator Joe Biden cautioned that George Bush shouldn’t nominate a Justice to the Court within 18 months of an election. Mitch simply followed Joe’s advice.

Imagine this scenario. You are being tried on a charge of stealing money from a bank or business. The evidence is shaky at best and it is all circumstantial and hearsay. However, one person produces a 20-year-old videotape of you telling friends that it might be nice to steal a million bucks someday. Based on that video alone; the judge rules that the verdict is “guilty” simply because you were fulfilling your stated desires to steal. It’s the thoughts that count to him and not the evidence.

Justice wasn’t served that day. Worse, we are less safe than we could have been.

Send the refugees to Hawaii.