Dr. Bill Atwood

Women’s March

I saw a group of protestors Saturday morning in Oakhurst. It was a good sized crowd and it looked like a fairly mixed grouping of men and women. They were participating in a First Amendment right; the right of the people to peaceably assemble. They were holding up signs and as I sat waiting for the signal to change from red to green, I glanced over and noticed their concerns for abortion rights, racism, gay marriage, immigration. I am not sure of some of the others because the signs were a little small.

I thought that they hadn’t even given the new president a single day before they attack his positions. When I drove past he had been 45th President of the United States for less than 24 hours. Only when I got home did I learn of the 600 marches across the USA and around the world in cities to express concerns for these issues. It was called the “Million Women’s March” by some on the television.

I watched the inauguration ceremonies on Friday and saw the reports of the protestors who were trying their best to disrupt the city and the event. The Washington D.C. protestors were complaining about the election results and how horrible our election process is. I don’t know what they demanded to replace our system.

All citizens over the age of 18 have the right to vote and many millions did. Many millions decided to sit it out and they did not count. The Electoral College, established in 1787, accomplished what the Founding Fathers envisioned and Donald Trump was elected.

Riots broke out the next day and a great deal of damage was inflicted on many businesses and injuries on Trump supporters. The video of these riots were never compared to any videos of conservatives protesting either of the Obama elections for one very important reason; there wasn’t any video. The conservatives simply accepted the results of the election that Obama was the President and went about their normal routines which included going to work the next day. There wasn’t a need for “safe spaces.” Students did their exams, and nobody needed a therapy dog to get over the election of No. 44.

Getting back to the march on Saturday; I listened to announcers interviewing the protestors and listened to the snippets of the speeches offered in Washington. Madonna called for the blowing up of the White House. Interesting in that the White House is called the White House because the mansion was burned down by the British during the War of 1812 and the Executive Mansion became known as the White House after the rebuilding amongst the charred ruins of Washington.

Just think if a conservative had said such a thing a day after No. 44 had been sworn into office. It would have been seen as racism because the Democrats would have mentioned house bombings were a Klan action against black people. They wouldn’t have mentioned that the KKK grew out of the southern wing of the Democrat Party.

There was another lady reciting a poem entitled, “I am a Nasty Woman.” Do you think that is what I want young girls to hear? There were many signs in Washington too vulgar to be seen on television and yet these organizers wanted young girls to march along with their mothers and grandmothers alongside those obscene signs.

One woman in the crowd that spoke to a reporter was demanding sick leave for her yet-to-be-born child so that she would not have to use “her” sick leave when her baby is ill. I am sure all the businesses in Oakhurst could afford that benefit.

On Friday the Washington protestors burned a car or two, broke windows at a McDonald’s and Starbucks and made a real mess in that part of the city. They misunderstand the concept of the right to peaceably assemble. Their First Amendment right doesn’t allow for the destruction of property.

Getting back to my neighbors in Oakhurst who acted responsibly and politely in their display of civic involvement. I have a few questions to ask which could not be discussed through a car window waiting for a green light.

Assuming this was a part of the Women’s March then the title alone dismisses half the population. The calls for immigration for all apparently means open borders giving benefits to all who cross the line. No vetting of potential terrorists. I bet many of those holding that position have fences and locks on their doors at home.

I am pro-life and can’t support the idea of killing innocent babies at a rate of 3,500 per day and celebrating that. I am not homophobic; I simply believe in the Biblical definition of marriage. I deplore racism. It’s the progressives that keep counting skin color.

Given the two terms of the liberal Clinton administration and the unprotested escapades of Bill, and given that super liberal Barack Obama had been in office the past eight years and Trump had been in office less than a single day, methinks the women protesteth too much.