Dr. Bill Atwood

Bye Bye, Barry

by Dr. Bill Atwood

Tomorrow, Jan. 20, the peaceful transfer of power will take place on the steps of the capitol at noon. Donald Trump assumes the office of President of the United States and Barack Obama assumes the role of private citizen.

I hope that our newest private citizen will keep his opinions private for awhile. He was blessed by George W. Bush, for whom Obama blamed everything, in that Bush shut up and allowed the new president a chance to lead without comments from the former president. Not since Woodrow Wilson has a former president remained in Washington. Barack Obama can’t imagine being out of the limelight.

I hope Donald Trump does well. I had hoped that Obama would do well. I think most of us want our presidents to do well because when they do, the country does well. Please remember that I really voted against Hillary rather than voting for Trump. I felt stuck because neither should have been our choices but I voted solely on who I felt would nominate better Supreme Court Justices.

We are hearing about the Obama legacy. He just told us that his was a scandal-free administration. I love how he parses his words. It is his lawyer speak. Granted, unlike the predator Bill Clinton, Barack Obama conducted himself as a gentleman and a family man. No personal scandals there. That is as it should be.

However, President Obama redefines terms and avoids using terms so that he may pontificate about how wonderful things are.

He claims that no foreign countries or entities attacked us. I guess when you claim that every terrorist attack upon Americans by ISIS inspired killers shouting praises to Allah is either “workplace violence” or another reason to promote gun control then there wasn’t a foreign attack. He claims Russia has hacked our election process, under his administration’s watchful eye, but out of the other side of his mouth he claims no foreign attacks. He slams Putin for interfering with our election but did the exact same thing to Israel during their election. Please remember that the Russians did not hack one machine or change one vote from Hillary to Donald. What was hacked and leaked by someone were emails from Hillary on an illegally unsecured computer as well as poorly secured emails from the DNC. What we saw were the true thoughts of the tolerant liberals towards middle Americans and opponents of Hillary.

Obama got away with a great deal because a slobbering lapdog press fell in love with a well spoken black politician and they would never say anything to belie what the rest of us saw - a community organizer who speaks well and doesn’t know how to lead. “I’ve got a phone and a pen.” Really? Think of the great quotes from past leaders that are inscribed on their statues and imagine future Americans reading about a pen and a phone.

Barack Obama leaves behind a tremendous legacy to be sure. $11 trillion more debt than when he came to office. Eight years of war. Our racial tensions are worse than when the “great healer” came to office. Four dead Americans who were not given the support they requested whom he labeled as “bumps in the road.” Solyndra wasted $500 million dollars before going broke. Our enemies don’t worry about us and ignore us. Remember the red line in the sand, and I know that Putin trembles back in August when Barry told him to cut out the hacking. The Iranians have $1.5 billion dollars to support their terrorism and the nuclear deal has been a joke since before the ink dried. Unemployment isn’t really down but the number of people having given up looking for work is up so the government doesn’t count them. Welfare is up, the military is weaker, our allies don’t trust us, the IRS punishes conservative groups, the Attorney General met with the husband of a person being investigated compromising her role, the White House sends delegates to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s funerals but not to the funerals of police officers killed in the line of duty.

Traitor Bergdahl is protected from trial, the black communities are worse off than before he assumed office, NASA is working to improve relationships with Muslims, and we all have been assured that we could keep our doctors, our insurance plans and that our premiums would go down by $2,500 per year. Mine increased by $6,000! Almost 3,000 regulations that hurt job creation. He doesn’t seem to care that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts to the highest bidder.

The stock market is up thanks in part to the $85 billion dollar infusion each month by the government. Coal is attacked as is the oil industry and pipelines are stalled; thankfully he did not get gasoline prices up to $7 a gallon as was desired to get us out of the cars.

What a legacy to be sure. Bye bye, Barry.