Dr. Bill Atwood

Marking my ballot

By Dr. Bill Atwood

As election day draws nearer I want to share with you my recommendations for you to consider as you mark your ballots.

I like to look at the newspaper and listen to television folks make endorsements. I do this for two very profound reasons. First; when I am unsure about how to vote on a certain measure or for a candidate I want to check with people who think as I do politically. Secondly; when I am unsure about how to vote on a certain measure or for a candidate I want to check with people who don’t think as I do politically. In this way I am able to weigh both sides and make my choice. I offer my recommendations and reasons simply to have you think about each item.

For president I have decided to vote for Trump simply because of the potential of 4-5 Supreme Court nominations. Hillary is too shady a character for me and way too liberal for my thinking.

The race for Senate in California sees two Democrats running against one another. The progressives had the laws changed that now place the two top vote getters in the primary against one another in the general election. Given the majority of folks in California are Democrats the system is rigged. I will be writing in a name as I can’t support either of those candidates. Growing up I knew that only countries led by dictators had single party elections.

Our Congressman, Tom McClintock is getting my vote to return to Washington to represent us. He has been honest and has shown himself to be a man of principles. His opponent wants to tax and spend us into bankruptcy with his health care plans alone.

Our Assembly member, Frank Bigelow, keeps us informed with his newsletters, returns phone calls to constituents, is honest, and one of us. That’s good enough for me.

And now to the propositions.

Proposition 53 wants to set limits on the issuance of any revenue bonds over $2 billion dollars by the legislature and make it part of the State Constitution. I am in favor of those limits. Yes on 53.

Prop 54 wants to require that all legislation is available to the voters/constituents 72 hours prior to the legislature voting on those issues. We don’t need to hear, “Let’s pass it to see what’s in it” from Sacramento. Yes on 54.

Prop 55. This is a difficult one for me because I am a public school teacher and we certainly need the funds. On the other hand, I am sick and tired of the progressive’s cry that the wealthy need to “pay their fair share.” They’ve been in charge and raised the taxes of the rich so many times the rich are leaving. Yet no liberal will ever tell me a dollar or percentage amount that would cap a rich person’s “fair share.” Everyone should pay so I am voting no on this one.

On 56 the government is wrong to use taxes to control how folks live. Nobody should smoke period - but if they really want to save lives ban it outright. No on 56.

Proposition 61 wants to mess with the market price of drugs by the government. As soon as Socialist Bernie Sanders endorsed it I knew I was right to oppose it. No on 61.

The death penalty in Prop 62 is still an issue for many but the liberals want to save the lives of such fine folks as Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Richard Allen Davis, Scott Petersen, and killers of policemen. Whatever we vote the ACLU will get overturned. But I am for the death penalty.

Gavin Newsom and the others want to do an end run around the Second Amendment with Prop 63 and place restrictions on ammo. Remember that the Nazis, Communists, and Fascists all had strict gun control laws.

Finally number 64. The misnamed recreational marijuana proposition. The proponents tell us that it will increase state tax revenues and will decrease criminal costs because of reduced law enforcement and court costs. I buy that but what they won’t admit to is the health woes and family problems created by a gateway drug. We don’t need to fall into the trap of bringing another drug that creates problems into the realm of accepted usage. Not for me.

That’s my list. Hopefully my conservative readers will take heart with my thinking. My liberal readers will be reassured that they are in disagreement with me and counter my vote. It will probably come down to some seven people who don’t cancel out each other’s vote. I hope they read about the issues. Please consider what I’ve said, and agree or not, please do your civic duty and vote.