Dr. Bill Atwood

Disgraceful behavior

By Dr. Bill Atwood

For a number of days we have heard people on television express their shock and dismay at the vulgar and crude comments made by Donald Trump more than a decade ago in a locker room chat with a reporter. That was the extent of the sin; he talked about crude and vulgar actions. No evidence appears that would indicate he acted on any of those rantings; he just uttered the words.

However Bill Clinton had oral sex with a young White House intern in the Oval Office while a world leader waited outside. Many women have accused that predator of unlawful actions and yet the “Champion of Women’s Causes” went with a vengeance after each of those ladies. The National Organization of Women (NOW) proved that they are a bunch of phony folks by ignoring those charges. I guess if you’re a liberal, progressive, predator you get a pass. Hillary states women who are victims need our support. She attacked his accusers.

Now we learn from the Wikileaks releases that Hillary has “private and public positions” on many issues. Some of which include a different stance which supports the Keystone Pipeline, vetting concerns of immigrants, and her admiration of Putin to name a few. She and her staff apparently take great joy in attacking the values of Americans who happen to be Evangelical Christians or Roman Catholics. She wouldn’t mock Muslims. We already know her disdain for gun owners and Billy boy called her detractors a bunch of rednecks while she calls us deplorable.

The Wikileaks releases show that many in the mainstream media have been coordinating with the Clinton Campaign to protect their little darling. For all who attack we who watch Fox you should see what you are missing while you are tuned to the Clinton News Network (CNN). Hillary’s emails are rarely discussed, her leaked speeches aren’t discussed, her felonious behavior is ignored, and Slick Willie’s comments about Obamacare being crazy barely was mentioned. They covered the sinful vulgar comments of Donald a great deal. Hillary was fed the questions for her appearance on the Steve Harvey Show. She feigned surprise but she was well rehearsed.

We have seen from the Wikileaks many emails about the DOJ giving regular advanced updates to the Clinton Campaign in order for the Clinton spin machine to handle the problems. Then there was the “happenstance meeting” on the tarmac of Bill Clinton having a private conversation with the Attorney General just before the investigation was concluded. James Comey sold out the reputation of the FBI and now we are getting reports from senior agents that it was virtually unanimous that Hillary be charged with the crimes. Comey caved. Immunities granted, evidence permitted to be destroyed, the FBI agrees to not ask questions about certain actions after a certain date as demanded by HRC.

We are learning that the Clinton Foundation raked in millions of dollars during the last disaster in Haiti, and yet few dollars were actually spent there and the Clinton friends got the contracts.

The mainstream press doesn’t care about the Wikileaks information that shows HRC denying hundreds of requests for increased security in Benghazi. Guns were sold or delivered to hostile forces in Libya after Kaddafi was overthrown under HRC’s watch and HRC was a part of the “line in the sand” meaningless threat.

The Wikileaks exposes that the Democrats are concerned about her lies, Bill’s actions, her health issues, and yet they cover and cover and cover for her. They’re painfully aware of the growing list of dead folks who had ties to the Clintons that posed a threat to telling too much to the rest of the world.

The Clinton ilk are now dismissing the Wikileaks reports as “stolen documents from Americans” and state they have no interest in responding to allegations since those documents were illegally obtained.

I don’t remember the democrats saying that leaked information was bad when someone showed Romney talking about the 47% folks. I don’t recall Democrats being outraged when Trump’s tax information was leaked. I didn’t hear the outrage about the tape of the vulgar comments being released. I did not hear the outrage about the Pentagon Papers.

Hillary told the Wall Street crowd in one speech that she and the predator have lost touch with middle class Americans because of the increase in their fortunes. They haven’t created a job, built anything, manufactured any products. They made a fortune selling access to the Secretary of State.

So when you mark your ballots remember to think about the person who cheers about killing 3,000 babies each day, wants to destroy the coal industry, who placed our security at risk, who defended a rapist as well as her predator husband, who has profited from her positions in government, who wants limits on your gun ownership, who mocks Christians and Judeo-Christian values and who wants open borders and a European Style Common Market here in North America and whose actions allowed the creation of ISIS.

What a disgrace.