Dr. Bill Atwood

No friends here

By Dr. Bill Atwood

This election is driving a great many of us to get past some ill will toward the candidates. Usually folks like one candidate and their positions and they don’t agree with the other candidate’s positions or even that candidate.

This election is quite different because, according to recent polling, more than 70% of us will not be voting ‘for’ a candidate for president, but ‘against’ the other candidate. Growing up I remember hearing adults in my life telling me they would have to “hold their nose and vote.” I never really understood that attitude until this year.

However; the time has come when we must vote and speak our minds. If you decide to not vote as a protest that is your right, but please keep your mouth closed about the choice.

If you don’t vote you have no right to complain to those of us who do. Please don’t hide behind the flimsy excuse of not having the time to vote. Absentee ballots are out now which is why I am writing this column now and not in three weeks. I really don’t care how busy you are or if it is difficult to vote.

More than a million soldiers died in battle since 1775 to secure your sacred right to vote. Last Saturday in the Yosemite Half Marathon a veteran with a prosthetic was racing as his leg was taken in the Middle East while serving this nation. I would love to hear someone tell him it isn’t worth the effort.

So here I go with my decision to support a candidate for the office of president. As a conservative I prefer limited government. I believe that the government that governs least governs best, that our rights come from God and that the Constitution is there to limit government and not us.

I believe that each of us is responsible for ourselves and our families. I prefer lower taxes because I think we know how to spend our money better than some governmental agency.

The Founding Fathers had the idea that government should only handle that which individuals can’t handle alone - such as roads, defense, domestic tranquility and the general welfare of the citizens. General welfare wasn’t a welfare nanny state idea, but one that provided for fire protection or health needs.

Therefore I look at Hillary and Donald and frankly neither is a person I would like to include as a close friend. Hillary has a long record of public involvement that gives us an insight into the type of person she is. Her life is defined by most as one that is always on the edge of legality and one that often crosses the fine lines of ethic.

Lost billings from her law firm days, Whitewater scandal, stealing furniture from the White House, attacking all the women who were sexually assaulted by her predator husband, Travelgate, the commodities investment that earned her $100,000 in a few months, her phony accents when talking to minority groups, her lies about her emails, her cover-ups about her emails, her attacks of Bernie supporters, her hidden Wall Street speech texts and the Clinton Global Foundation scandals.

Along with her desire for open borders, pro late-term abortion, that most of her staff requires legal immunity from prosecution, her lies, Bill’s lies, Benghazi, her attacks on law enforcement, and a host of failures diplomatically around the world that helped to weaken the US and create ISIS.

Donald is a bully. That is how he has built such a reputation and a vastly wealthy company. His company is sound and his debt ratio is low. He did not pay income taxes for 18 years but that wasn’t his fault. It’s what the tax code provides. Before you attack him on that issue please provide proof that you voluntarily pay more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

Recently we learned of his vulgar comments from 2005. I don’t condone what he did and he was clearly wrong and apologized. However. Clinton supporters have been justifying Bill Clinton’s constant sexual assaults on women for years and the press gives him a pass.

Donald may make rude and inappropriate comments and he legally used bankruptcy laws four times to save his companies. Trump joins the ranks of folks such as H.J. Heinz, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, P.T. Barnum, and Abe Lincoln who had to declare bankruptcy. He has had other companies fail, and he has no experience as a world leader.

So it comes down to five items that helped me make my decision. There will be 4-5 Supreme Court Justice positions to fill in the next four years, and Hillary will nominate from liberal thinking ilk. I feel I have a better chance from the list of those Donald said he would place into nomination.

I will be voting for Donald Trump. I hope you will do the same thing. Let’s make America great again.