Dr. Bill Atwood

No Donald sticker

By Dr. Bill Atwood

A few weeks ago as I was driving up Highway 41 in Oakhurst on my way home, I happened to follow a car with two bumper stickers. One stated, “I Love Obamacare” and the other promoted the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed socialist who ran for president.

The great beauty of this nation lies in our freedom to attach bumper stickers to our cars, post signs in our yards, and to support any political idea we wish to support. So to the young lady driving that little blue car with the liberal messages I applaud your civic spirit and the fact that you are involving yourself in the political process.

I also see in the Old Mill shopping center when I go to some of the shops there a bumper sticker telling me that the owner of the car is, “Ready for Hillary”.

The problem I have with bumper stickers, beside the fact that the glue won’t let you remove them and so you are stuck with your message until you sell the car, is that those of us who read your statement don’t have a polite way to respond.

If I had shouted out toward the young lady with the two stickers that I feel Bernie wasn’t limited to Socialist thinking but is leading her toward a path to Communism she would have not known what to say at 35 miles per hour. The person who is ready for Hillary is unknown to the rest of us simply because we only see his/her car.

Again, I applaud the involvement in the process. I just question the judgment and the opinion behind your support.

To the young lady with the two stickers I ask you to think about a few things. I went to college and borrowed money to go. Upon graduating I followed through on the important part of the borrowing of the tuition money. I repaid it to the lender. That is what a loan is all about. I repaid, with interest every cent I borrowed ahead of schedule. I could afford to do that because I had earned a degree in a subject field that allows me to earn a decent living and I denied myself certain items such as a new car or TV or vacations I couldn’t afford until after the loans were repaid.

Just for the record; my total student loan debt when I graduated from college was over $75,000. And that was in 1993. If I listen to the Bernie folks then all of us who understand the concept of repaying a loan are defined as chumps and suckers by those of you who want college for free. Milton Friedman reminded us all that, “There is no free lunch.”

I am glad she loves Obamacare. Gee; her sticker should have more honestly stated, “I like when you pay for my medical costs so that I can buy stuff I want.” Sorry young lady; I worked my way through school cleaning toilets at a private school and doing the gardening. I worked 40 hours per week, raised a nephew from the time he was 10 months without government assistance, carried 15-18 units every semester, and I paid my medical bills myself.

The nephew had a couple of serious medical needs and I took care of the costs. Maybe the young lady would ask the Obama administration to repay all of us who understood it was our responsibility to pay our own way. Nobody else’s duty; just ours alone.

The “Ready for Hillary” person doesn’t tell us what they see positive in a person who delights in the killing of more than 3,000 babies every single day, who put this nation’s security at risk, who has a staff so deceitful they all require immunity from a friendly DOJ, a lady who says she is a champion for women yet went after every woman who President Clinton had sexual relations with. Hillary traveled many miles at Secretary of State and met with many folks; unfortunately her diplomatic record is so lacking that her own spokespeople can’t name the accomplishments.

She said she was flat broke when leaving the White House and yet she has amassed a huge fortune whilst serving as a Senator, and Secretary of state and not drawing more than $200,000 for her government salary in any year.

To be fair; you won’t see a Trump sticker on my car because I don’t like bumper stickers and I am not a fan of The Donald. He is a big mouth bully who needs to learn to control his actions. So my bumper sticker friends I ask only that you look at the idea of smaller government, less taxation, and paying your own way. Are you ready for that?