Dr. Bill Atwood

Despicable actions

By Dr. Bill Atwood

Her true colors are coming out. The hope of the Democratic constituents and leader of the progressive movement, the tolerant one has now announced that half of the Trump supports are deplorable human beings. She states that half the country is racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic. I guess her tolerance of anyone with a differing view is a hateful rant of name calling.

Conservatives have been under attack for years for clinging to our guns and religion. We are attacked for thinking that life begins at conception and that the killing of a fetus by abortion is murder. Conservatives believe that government should be small and that people need to provide for themselves and not rely on a Nanny State program.

It isn’t the conservatives that I know who keep count when a person of color is hired or promoted. The mention of color comes from the liberal side who point out that this is the first person of that race to attain that position. Now it is the score keeping with gender, gender change identifiers, gay/straight, and any combination thereof.

Conservatives don’t care about those identifiers. Conservatives want the best person for the job, period. The hate group known as the KKK did not come from conservative church-going folks in the south of this nation. It grew out of a wing of the Democrat Party. The conservative church-going folks were helping with Underground Railroads and Civil Rights issues.

I do business with and have friends who are gay. We don’t discuss our sex lives any more than my straight friends discuss our sex lives. Those are issues that stay in our respective bedrooms. It isn’t a fear of homosexuality but a difference of opinion regarding it from a scriptural point of view.

Conservatives are not fearful of all people of the Islamic faith. We are concerned about terrorists that use their Islamic faith as the reason for their acts of terrorism. When folks ask why people are suspicious of Muslims as possible terrorists many answer that the past 15-20 years have seen terrorist acts being perpetrated by folks shouting praise to Allah. To my knowledge we haven’t been attacked by Methodists, Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Evangelicals, or Mormons.

Conservatives are not xenophobic and we are not afraid of immigrants coming into this country. With the exception of the Native American population all of us are either immigrants ourselves or ancestors of immigrants. That is the beauty of this nation; we are a nation of immigrants so to state the basket is full of xenophobic folks is ludicrous. What conservatives don’t like is trespassing. My ancestors came to America from England and also from Germany through Ellis Island. They were checked out medically to ensure they were not carriers of an illness and those ancestors went to work.

The Germans settled in Baltimore and the English settled in Fairmont, Minnesota. They supported themselves and contributed to their respective communities. Most did well and behaved themselves with one exception. A distant uncle, Bruno, did not like paying taxes and ran afoul of the IRS. My grandmother would cringe that I was sharing Bruno’s story as she was angry a family member would cause shame by breaking the law but moreso by being an ingrate to this wonderful country. Her final words to me regarding Bruno were that after he died, this country was better off.

HRC thinks that conservatives all live in lily white religious neighborhoods, filled with moms who attend teas and PTA meetings and that we are always talking about the shortcomings of those who are different from us. We just enjoy being around folks who play by the rules and who live with ethical standards.

I lost two dear friends this week. Both guys were part of a little dinner group that we enjoyed each month. Four couples meeting once a month for years enjoying one another. Those two guys lived ethical lives, loved their wives, and were respected by folks who knew them. In that group of eight there was the gamut of differing opinions, faiths, and attitudes. Those differences were not important as we saw way past the differences and saw what was similar in our lives; love of family, and enjoyment of being involved in charity, in the community, and in having caring and supportive friends.

Hillary realized her hateful rant might hurt the campaign and she dialed it back a bit. She apologized for stating half the supporters were the basket cases of deplorable. She never cleared up how big the percentage is in her opinion. Was she sorry that she really meant 75% or only 47% of the Trump supporters were deplorable?

She may find people like me to be deplorable. So be it. Her actions of the past 30-40 years have been despicable.