Dr. Bill Atwood

Gullible followers

By Dr. Bill Atwood

For years I have had a running gag with students that the word “gullible” wasn’t in the dictionary. I told them it was a French word and hence not listed in an English dictionary. They would look to verify that it wasn’t there and when it was they would laugh at me and tell me how wrong I was. Then I would look at them and chuckle about how gullible they were. I think that some of the staff in the Clinton Campaign must be wondering about being either so gullible or so willing to continue to drink the Kool Aid.

James Comey sold his credibility out with his cowardly decision to avoid second-guessers and his refusal to recommend charges be brought upon the former Secretary of State.

On the Friday before Labor Day weekend, Comey ordered the information about the criminal actions of HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) so that folks going on their vacations and holiday trips might miss the information released in the “Friday News Dump.”

Don’t get me wrong. I admire everyone connected with the FBI and admire their fine work and professionalism. The director sold his soul to the Clinton machine and brought the FBI into the political arena. The shame is his and his alone.

The staffers for Hillary continue to lie and cover up for her. First there was only one phone and now we discover there were 13. Some are missing and a couple were destroyed with a hammer.

The people in Colorado were directed by the Hillary people to destroy the emails after those very emails were requested by a Congressional investigative committee who had issued a subpoena. I love it when the HRC crowd cries there isn’t evidence - they just ignore the fact that HRC made damn sure it was destroyed.

Hillary’s people emailed Senator Menendez what he should ask during the Benghazi hearings. They had the power, and he acted like the little lapdog and asked about the prescribed topics in his first question. Guess he did not want to end up like Vince Foster or Seth Rich, the DNC staffer killed in June, who was the alleged leak to Wikileaks.

The Clintons have made millions and the foundation has made billions collecting dollars for access to the secretary of state with the pay-to-play scheme. Her calendar and the emails from the foundation to the state department have way too many arranged meetings for it to be considered a coincidence. Al Capone would have admired her operation.

She was formerly called by her adoring minions “the smartest woman in the country.” Apparently the smartest woman can’t remember 39 events that were tied to her illegal or questionable actions. She signed a document about being trained in security clearance information but doesn’t recall being trained. She thought the bracketed “c” was an alphabetical listing?

Her actions put this nation at risk. The government suspects she was hacked but hackers know how to hide the evidence of their hacking. John Kerry said he assumes Putin gets a copy of every email Kerry gets. At least Kerry understands something.

The 30,000-plus emails that were destroyed by HRC were purported to be boring, about Chelsea’s wedding, and about yoga. They happened to contain classified information, details about drone strikes, Benghazi, and other information that led to the death of a couple of operatives who were feeding the CIA information about other nations.

It has become a steady drip-drip-drip of information about her emails and her lack of thinking about this nation. HRC spent money out of her own pocket to create a personal server to avoid government scrutiny of her actions. It is becoming apparent that the secretary of state sold access through the Clinton Global Foundations and the philanderers speaking fees to make millions.

The foundation collected millions for Haiti, spent very little there, and what they spent was done in an area not hit by the disaster but the construction project benefited one of the donors to the foundation.

Her husband is a man who takes advantage of young women and interns for his sexual pleasures and HRC covers for him. They took money from foreign countries for access to the secretary of state and for favorable treatment by the US government.

HRC has lied repeatedly about her emails and has destroyed evidence. Her memory is failing as evidenced by her inability to recall important details and events.

Her lack of understanding of security procedures makes her a benefit to our cyber enemies. Her lies about Whitewater, Rose Law firm billings, and commodities trading prove a deceitful track record. Her actions are criminal. You or I would be in prison had we done a tenth of this stuff.

Her supporters need to look up the word gullible in their dictionaries. It’s there.