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A Boy Scout solution

Political attacks come sooner every election cycle just like Spring season. Could it be the result of human-caused global warming? Ha ha.

An early attack in the spaghetti offense is Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash.” He accuses Hillary Clinton of exchanging favors for donations to the Clinton Global Initiative without any evidence and none has been found. By the way, spaghetti offense means to throw as much as you can against the wall and see what sticks (to Hillary).

In Wikipedia, any reader may tag a contribution with the label “citation needed” if they feel a source is required. My comment that Peter Schweizer has no evidence should similarly be tagged. Here is my citation. On “This Week” with George Stephanopoulus (April 26, 2015) Peter Schweizer said: “No, we don’t have direct evidence, but ….”

In Bill Atwood’s column “Making Earth Better” (April 23, 2015), he said Ted Danson testified before congress 25 years ago, warning that we only had a few years to go before we were doomed. I couldn’t find any evidence.

I’ll have to slap a “citation needed” on that. Bill also referenced the Ice Age scare of the 70s intending to discredit the validity of global warming. It is true there was media hype about it but what’s not mentioned is that there were six times as many who said the world was warming. The media has hyped many false things. Take, for example, the reasons for war in Iraq.

In a Forbes’ article, “Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, the World is Cooling,” Peter Ferreira cites the findings of the international climate change conference sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank funded by the fossil fuel industry. They concluded that “global temperatures have already been declining for more than 10 years, and global temperatures will continue to decline for another two decades or more.” That’s a minority view just like in the 70s. The majority is still warning of global warming, so what’s your point?

The smoking gun that really discredits ice age mockers is their reference to a 1977 Time Magazine article depicting a penguin in the arctic on the cover with the title “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age.” That 1977 issue was a fake. They took the cover from a 2007 Time cover entitled “The Global Warming Survival Guide,” and changed the date and title. Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) wrote a piece in the Arizona Daily Independent using this fake 1977 Time article to cast doubt about global warming. Fabricating evidence to make a point says something about its legitimacy.

How do we know it’s fake? Time has an online archive of all its magazine covers. Search time.com/vault/year/1977/ and you won’t find any penguins for 1977 but you will find it in 2007 (time.com/vault/year/2007/). I urge you to go to those sites and see for yourself.

Bill finds the notion of Earth Day silly and claims “the real issue at hand is conservation of our natural resources.” I am confounded by this paradox since Earth Day is all about conservation.

I do totally agree that conservation is the real issue. Bill’s Boy Scout practice of “camp(ing) in the wilderness without leaving a polluted mess in the area or the water of the creek flowing by” is most admirable. So let’s not argue whether global warming is man-made or not, or whether the earth is warming or cooling.

Let’s simply be good Boy Scouts and not leave a polluted mess in our land, air, and water.

In 2010 Deep Water Horizon oil spill devastated and polluted the Gulf. In 2014 Duke Energy spilled 82,000 tons of toxic coal ash and 27 million gallons of contaminated water into the Dan River in North Carolina. In 2008 a rupture caused 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash to spill in Kingston, Tennessee.

Fracking contaminates our drinking water and causes earthquakes (see Oklahoma). Oil pipeline leaks number in the thousands and pollute our streams, aquifer and drinking water. Extraction, processing and use of fossil fuels (oil, coal, and gas) pollute our air, land and water and cause cancer, asthma, heart disease, liver poisoning, kidney damage, brain damage, birth defects, and more.

It’s clear we are leaving a polluted mess contrary to the Boy Scout motto. Carbon based fuels are the cause. A good Boy Scout would say we have to move away from oil, gas and coal.

Let’s do that for the sake of conservation, and global warming no longer needs to be argued.