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Thanks and no thanks

My sincere thanks to the Sierra Star for publishing letters from our concerned citizens. Thanks be to God for giving us a nation with laws that require freedom of speech, of the press, and more important, of religion. Thanks to Joe Nelson of Oakhurst, for his letter to the Star, published in last week’s edition.

I’m not sure just what Mr. Nelson doesn’t like about what I have to say in my opinion column. He wasn’t specific except that my opinions are “hate-infused, delusionary, and right-wing.”

If he is truly concerned that my opinions might “incite” others to action, then he wouldn’t appreciate Thomas Payne, of our nation’s revolutionary period. I believe our nation could use more positive, freedom, and liberty based action.

Thanks to President Obama for bringing Bowe Bergdahl home to justice. No thanks to the president for trading five taliban generals for his release, five high ranking members of our sworn enemy, who are now spending 24/7 plotting to kill more Americans.

No thanks to Mr. Bergdahl for costing the lives of six American soldiers who went out looking for him. Maybe this is the type of comment that isn’t appreciated by those who voted Mr. Obama to two terms as our president.

The United States of America can take great pride in having many significant “firsts” but our first “African-American” president is a total disaster. If our next president is another “first” with the anointed Hillary Clinton, then we can expect more of the same.

It was reported last week that a group, calling itself “HRC Super Volunteers,” sent a message to 120 journalists warning them, “We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism,” in their reporting of HRC, (Hillary Rodham Clinton), telling the journalists that there is a list of words not allowed in any of their reporting without repercussions.

Words like polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, secretive, and out of touch, will be protested as “sexism.” How interesting. Up until now, those same speech Nazis have been telling us those same words are “racist” terms when describing BHO, (Barack Hussain Obama). Interesting how we may get more of the same incompetence with a different label. It’s sort of like “new and improved.”

So, here we are. “We the People,” with God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, with a constitution that insures our right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and “We the People” are going to tolerate threats against our very freedom?

I’ve written before that I tend to “call ‘em like I see ‘em.” Can we interrupt this insanity before it breaks into real chaos?

I suspect “chaos” is just what our Commander In Chief is waiting for. That would be his golden opportunity to enforce marshal law. Then we can expect a new constitution of Executive Orders.

Can we please have some truth to our words? If anyone is incompetent by their very actions, then they are incompetent. If they take action which aids and abets our sworn enemy, then they are guilty of treason.

“Hands up, don’t shoot.” Really? It never happened. And yet we have communities, towns, cities, and even a bunch of elected politicians chanting that very slogan. I suppose it’s the freedom of stupid. I prefer the slogan one of my friends suggested: “Pants up, don’t loot.”

Yes, Mr. Nelson, there are some things I hate. I hate stupid, ignorance and perversion. I am delusional to the extent that I long for liberty and justice for all Americans. And yes, I’m proud to be conservative and “right-winged.”

I also purposely aim to incite our wondering sheep to actually think for themselves for a change, especially when they vote.

So yes, Mr. Nelson, I am guilty as charged.

Thank you to all who support our community and read our Sierra Star. Thank you to all who take the time to read and respond to our commentaries.

No thanks for the cancer which has returned, but thanks to God for the VA medical attention and chemotherapy, which I have begun again by the time you read this.

I’ll take a few weeks off and, God willing, will return shortly.

God bless America.