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An open letter

To President Barack Obama,

Once again, you have managed to be a major embarrassment to the citizens of the United States of America while giving encouragement to our nation’s sworn enemies. You have given credibility to the question as to just where your allegiance lies.

Your rude arrogance and juvenile actions during the recent visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was totally unacceptable. It did prove one important issue with your leadership skills. You are a leader. Your staunch followers, like Nancy Pelosi who believes in passing national legislation before it’s even read, were boldly in lock step with your loathing of American exceptionalism.

Yes, America is exceptional. We are the only nation that recognizes that our Creator, not our government, grants us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have also been very blessed, by our Creator, to be the driving force to eliminate evil on our planet.

From the time of your initial “World Apology Tour” until your latest immigration executive order, you have demonstrated a proclivity for being weak on national security and strong on helping redefine the word “illegal.” Our nation’s moral integrity is tragically reduced, in part, thanks to your strong support for the redefinition of the God proclaimed definition of marriage.

I’ll give you a pass on knowing what God has said since you spent 20 years in a church where the pastor asked God to “damn the United States.”

It’s rather obvious that you, personally, believe that you, personally, are exceptional. It all makes me wonder if your personal policies and attitudes are the same as those by which you “lead” - our nation.

I can only imagine the time in your future when you’re snug in your mansion outside of Chicago and you tell people how much you appreciate that certain family who lives just down the street. Of course everyone also knows that you don’t care much for their son, who is the same age as your daughter, Malia.

One day you learn that Malia, with the approval of your wife, has invited that young man for dinner. You rant and rage about how your family has gone around you and then when the young man arrives, your manners go out the window and you sulk in your bedroom. Oh, wait, you just remembered you were going to play golf. Off you go. You’ll show that boy who’s boss.

If that’s how you would handle things at home, then I’ll give you a pass for being just another rude, self-centered dictator, void of any diplomatic skills.

One of the issues that brought you to national attention was your tirade against our national debt under President George W. Bush. Many thought, wow, here’s a guy who understands the gravity of the debt problem. What have you actually done about it? Our debt is now more than double what it was when you were granted the position of leader of our nation. Please, Mr. President, explain that to us.

Once again, your administration, our government, is demanding that our national debt “ceiling” be raised. Your response is increased taxes and increased spending and increased government. In that, you are not exceptional. Every official of your political ilk supports the same policies. Those policies are simply unsustainable and totally destructive to what makes America exceptional.

For six long years, we have listened to your pretty speeches only to experience the dreadful results of your actions and/or spineless inaction. You are the very best example of how costly it can be to experiment with on- the-job training. The reality of your actions makes one wonder if you were even pretty good as a community organizer. You’ve done nothing to improve our world’s community.

You proudly proclaim to be a Harvard educated, Constitutional law professor but the content of many of your “executive orders” suggests you may have studied the Constitution to find ways around it. That, and you are arrogantly rude.

I have written you personally four times during your tenure. I did receive one response which was obviously written by a “staffer.” It was an insult to the intelligence of any God loving American patriot.

You still have a chance to become a national hero. Take your pen and write your resignation, then use you phone and call a taxi.

Contrary to current political correctness, God bless the United States of America.