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America’s dream postponed

The new year has begun, hopes and dreams are renewed, and reality is under investigation. The reelected and the newly elected have been sworn in and the usual swearing resumes. California Governor Jerry Brown, aka “Moonbeam,” began his final term, thankfully, with inaugural address filled with much of the same rhetoric that Sociocrats are echoing nationally; cuts to programs that help citizens, bigger government, and increased taxes. That seems to be a standard for the left coast.

The Gov. has big plans to spend billions on a massive delta pipeline for water diversion, (gotta save those delta smelt regardless of cost), and imminent domain is being served on productive citizens for a choo choo train costing billions more. Of course, with more creative taxation the increased debt shifts from the government to the working class. So-called Cap and Trade is one of the greatest legalized shell games in history.

Speaking of debt, President Obama’s 2006 assertion that $9 trillion in national debt is “a sign of leadership failure” is a perfect description of his legacy. With the $18 trillion he’s strapped on our backs, his term in office is indeed, total leadership failure. Of course, no national, state or local Sociocrat is talking about that.

In California we have even more bills to pay. People living here illegally can now apply for a driver’s license. In view of the carnage already happening on our highways, I don’t see much effect however, legal citizens will pick up the bill, the extent of which is yet unknown. I consider it unconstitutional that actual citizens are required to pay for criminal activity.

The question is, why is our government rewriting the law to create so-called rights for criminals? It’s frosting on Obama’s Executive Immigration Order. Only the government has the power to legalize that which we know to be illegal. Prison overcrowding? No problem. California has reassessed criminal activity and decided that certain crimes are not that important. The result is that more convicted criminals are free to continue their assault on law abiding citizens. California can’t manage its prison population so California just writes a new law that changes it from “illegal” to “not nice.” Again, who pays the bill and what has the government done to protect law abiding citizens?

The unconstitutional fire prevention fees were tinkered with but no real action was taken. The state has our money so we can just move on, preferably to another state. California’s attention span will soon be distracted by the new Cap and Trade gasoline taxes but it won’t get much action until the price of gas is over four dollars again. By then it will be too late. Taxes never seem to be retired. There are plenty more new taxes where those came from. Our “new” legislature is chomping at the bit to pass them.

If you have a private well, keep an eye on new “groundwater management” legislation. It appears they want us to pay for our own water. All they have to do is make it a law. New legislation makes it even more difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Apparently, our constitution guarantees certain rights only if we pay the government enough for a “permit to keep and bear rights.”

Between doing really important stuff, our legislators found time to define words like “sex” for college kids who didn’t learn to read or write. “No means no” wasn’t clear enough so now we have a new law for these budding intellects that spells out “yes means yes.” In some locations the minimum wage will increase. People with low paying jobs will now be able to afford the latest hand held electronic devices, service will decrease, products will cost more and we’ll do it all over again in a few years. Brilliant.

And finally, California style evolution is attempting to add the dreaded “single use” plastic grocery bag to the list of extinct products. I say “attempting to” because some folks are fighting back. Those bags are far from “single use” at our house but in terms of extinction, I’d prefer to say bye-bye to the delta smelt.

I’m still looking for recent legislation that promotes the American dream for Americans, increases the cost and penalties for illegals and their incarcerated cousins, and a government that is actually fiscally responsible.