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New Year wishes

Ring in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen. Many are making resolutions to improve their lives while others are making plans to destroy what they don’t like or agree with. Some resolutions are positive, some negative. Some attitudes are optimistic while others are pessimistic.

I consider myself a mostly optimistic and positive person. I also possess a degree of a pessimistic, negative view of things. It all depends on the subject matter.

I’m very optimistic about the rainfall. A well filled to the brim is a very positive thing, however, if someone warns me that the well is poisoned, is that person negative or pessimistic? I think such a warning would be a very positive thing.

I can’t think of one problem that can be fixed properly until the cause of the problem has been identified. How can one take positive action to correct a problem without identifying what created the problem? Was the well poisoned by harmful chemicals in the earth or did some evil person put poison in the well? The solution to the problem takes root in the cause.

It would be very foolish to ignore what is wrong in our world, our nation, and our state. While I am prayerfully optimistic about the coming year, I also have a degree of pessimism based on the past. Some say our nation is on the rebound but I am one to keep a close eye on the warning signs.

For the coming year, I wish that the cost of food, medicine, goods and services drop as much as our president says the economy and jobs are growing. I remember well how our government helped to create the real estate boom. Hundreds of thousands of people made millions of dollars until the bubble burst and then hundreds of thousands lost their homes and their livelihoods.

I look at the record increases in the stock market and realize that with the U.S. dollar being worth about five cents, I wonder when that bubble will burst and millions won’t be able to afford a loaf of bread. President Obama has incurred almost as much debt than all of his predecessors combined.

In our nation of “justice for all,” I look forward to the prosecution of those in positions of authority who have broken the law. May the new year bring fines and incarceration equal to what you and I would receive should we commit the same illegal acts.

May the latest Hollywood freedom of speech flap over an ill conceived so-called comedy bring rational thinking to more Americans. What would we hear from our left-leaning citizens should someone make a “comedy” of President Obama’s head exploding during his fictional assassination. Still funny? I recall our government saying it was a film that caused the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Still covered by freedom of speech?

Perhaps in this new year we’ll see the prosecution of those who steal and broadcast other peoples’ private conversations. Last year we castigated the speaker, even going so far as to legally take their livelihood. It would appear to have taken root when those who demand tolerance demanded that our citizens talk in code. You know, the “N word.” Freedom of speech?

For the new year, I hope our president will be as swift to defend and support our friends and allies as he is to embrace our enemies. May he be as quick to defend those in law enforcement as he is to investigate the death of a wan’na be gansta. May he be as quick to secure our borders as he is to add fencing around the White House.

May the healing begin with the realization and castigation of Al Sharpton and those of his, inflammatory ilk. May our president rethink the quality of those he associates with and strive to put into place those with our nation’s best interest at heart.

We heard much in the past year how our nation has never been more divided. There is much dismay in view of Mr. Obama’s campaign promises to be transparent and to bring us together. We would be wise to realize that most of what he promised has resulted in the exact opposite. Perhaps the new year will bring a destruction of our ruling class and return them to their proper position as the serving class.

And finally, may we carry and practice the principles of the past Christmas season each and every day of the coming year.

Happy New Year.