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‘Blue skies’ describes not only improving conditions but also Yosemite school spirit

Monika Young Moulin is a Yosemite Unified School District trustee.
Monika Young Moulin is a Yosemite Unified School District trustee. Sierra Star archive

“Blue skies smiling on me!” is much more than just a lyric from an old-time popular song, nor is it just the current weather status, now that the eye-stinging, throat-choking smokiness over our beloved Mountain Community has improved so much, thanks to the truly selfless skills and service of so many in the firefighting profession. No, it’s actually the perfect way to sum-up what a great first week of school it has been!

A tremendous all-staff, all-day gathering for the Yosemite Unified school family started out the week on Aug. 13, and you could feel the energy and enthusiasm as we all gathered there to look forward and work together. What an experience! And that evening’s productive and smooth YUSD regular board meeting kept the momentum going, with the shared positive outlook in evidence at every turn.

Throughout the week, as I met and talked with staff, parents and community folks alike, it was nothing short of energizing to hear how so many have joined in this collaborative, future-oriented effort to continue the tremendous good work that has been going on for the Yosemite district schools over the summer months.

Dropping by an open house for one of the hybrid programs that embraces both independent family-led study with in-class programs together was another highlight. Soaking up a little of that good kindergartener energy at Wasuma’s orientation kept a smile on my face. And seeing the high schoolers cheer their hearts out at the first-day-of-school rally reminded me again why all the hard work is worth it. Finally, stopping by the YHS band’s parent workshop showcasing intricate and precise marching band fancy-footwork just seemed to be yet another example of what happens when we all remember that it’s all about putting students first.

Do we still have work to be done, to make the best use of our resources to do the best we can for the most kids? Of course, but after this week, I can certainly say I’m tremendously encouraged with all of these “blue skies smiling at me!”

Monika Moulin is a Yosemite Unified School District trustee. She lives in Ahwahnee.