What Trump has not done

By Dusty Rhodes

I enjoyed the July 28 Sierra Star column by my friend, Pete Cavanaugh (For Your Consideration).

In recalling our early years in Syracuse, he will remember all the manufacturers where many of our friend’s fathers were employed. There was the Carrier Corporation, General Electric, New Process Gear and many, many more. Most of them are gone now and with them the jobs that helped to anchor the community and provide stable families for our friends.

The economic destruction of our home community has been replicated across the country. There may be other reasons for it but the high taxes in New York State (levied by both Republican and Democratic administrations) and the horrible trade deals (again promoted by both Republicans and Democrats) have to be major contributors to it.

At the same time the flagrant disrespect of the law by illegal immigrants and the “sanctuary cities” which defy the federal government with no apparent consequences are virtually ignored by many Republicans and Democrats.

Among some 61speeches on the first day of this year’s Democratic National Convention there was not one mention of ISIS – not one, made more egregious by the beheading murder by a Muslim of a Catholic Priest in France while celebrating Mass the next day.

It may well be that Donald Trump will do nothing about any of this - though I doubt it - but at least he’s talking about these issues which puts him well ahead of his opposition who seems oblivious to them. Maybe his promises are “empty” as my old friend suggests, but he is making them.

There is nothing “mystifying” about Donald Trump’s candidacy. He could be as awful as the radical left and never-Trump conservatives believe, but let’s look at what he has not done. He has not promised the American people some 39 times that if they liked their health plan they could keep it - knowing it was a lie as he said it. He has not said four Americans were killed in Benghazi as a result of an Internet video - knowing it was a lie as he said it. He has not dismissed the threat to our country or refused to utter the words “radical Islam.”

Perhaps the strangest comment in my good friend’s column was the idea how he (Trump) “strangles tiny starving orphans with a rusty barbed wire.” Pete admitted he made that one up. What he didn’t have to make up is that “our” Democratic Party and its candidate joyfully supports and wants us all to pay for the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies even to the extent of ignoring the horrors of late term abortions (see “Gosnell”) under the guise of a woman’s “right to choose.”

In spite of the many “accomplishments” of the present regime, as enumerated by my friend in previous columns, in poll after poll the “wrong track” preference indicates that two-thirds to three quarters of the folks believe America is way off course. Who may be able to fix this is up for grabs.

With the choice being Trump or Clinton, a lot of traditional Democrats like me are not going to have to spend a lot of time making their decision.