Trump only cares about Trump

At first glance, I can understand why some people feel that presidential candidate Donald Trump reflects the ideals and concerns of the average patriot, and is a welcome breath of fresh air. A candidate who owes allegiance to no one and needs to repay no favors to wealthy contributors once elected is a true people’s candidate.

I agree that if one listens only to the sound-bites, (and can get past the petty attacks and childish rhetoric) Mr. Trump sounds like he’s pretty right on. If one is willing to do a little research, he or she will find some interesting facts about Mr. Trump and his misrepresentations:

This “successful business professional” who claims to have the American workers’ interest at heart, has declared four bankruptcies. What that means for a billionaire like Trump is he gets to walk away from his debt while his employees are left to fend for themselves.

While “The Donald” was calling Mexican immigrants murderers and rapists, what he doesn’t tell us is that he employs foreign workers in his resorts because he knows he can pay them less than their American counterparts.

When Mr. Trump criticized Senator John McCain as not being a war hero because he was captured, and when asked about service to his country in the wake of the aftermath of his comments, he lied and stated it was because he had a very high draft number. In truth, he had four deferments to evade military service so he could build his empire, while McCain was enduring five years of unimaginable torture in a Vietnamese POW camp.

A recent documentary revealed that Trump used mob tactics to extort Scottish farmers who refused to sell him their property for one of his golf resorts. Is this a guy with whom we feel comfortable having his finger on the button?

It may seem to some that having a “citizen candidate who owes no one any favors” could be a positive attribute. I think most Americans prefer to see someone rise out of a true grassroots movement, not someone who thinks he can buy the presidency for his own personal indulgence.

Being a shrewd and successful businessman is not necessarily synonymous with being a good public servant and running a successful business can hardly be considered the equivalent of running the most powerful country on the planet.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump did not achieve his station-in-life by caring about others.

The only American Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump.