Roadside Litter Cleanup Rescheduled for May 30th

The Roadside Litter Cleanup event scheduled for April 25 was rained out. Due to some miscommunication, the published rescheduled date of May 2 was an error. We apologize for any inconvenience. Barring being rained out again, the new date for the cleanup event, which takes place throughout Eastern Madera County, is 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, May 30.

The meeting spots are: Coarsegold, near the Tepee in the Historic Village at Highway 41 and Road 425; North Fork, the post office; and Oakhurst, the Oakhurst library.

People often call with questions about the cleanup — here are answers to some of the frequently-asked questions:

* Is this when I put out my discarded household furniture and junk for pick up? No. Currently, there is no such event in Eastern Madera County. The Roadside Litter Cleanup is for picking up litter that’s on our county roadsides. For household castoffs, we suggest yard sales, checking Earth911.com for recycling resources, or using the county transfer station.

* Are there any rewards or prizes for participating? Well, of course, there’s the reward of knowing you’ve contributed to the beautification of the local community and the pride of a job well-done. However, we are pleased to announce that each volunteer will be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes - new KOMB t-shirts, coupons for Subway Sandwiches, and KOMB reusable grocery bags.

* I’d like to participate but don’t have a grabber. Grabbers can be borrowed at each meeting spot. Please return all borrowed equipment to the spot where they were checked out.

* I don’t think I can make it all four hours. We don’t expect everyone to be able to pick up trash for four hours. We welcome all helpers, even if only for an hour.

* I’d like to bring my child along, but is it safe? Although the Boy Scouts in North Fork, accompanied by scout leaders, have been participating safely for years, generally this is not a recommended activity for young children. Other alternatives that will still beautify the community and provide important messages and training for your child would be to pick up litter at the park, on school grounds, or in any place where you’re not exposed to traffic.

* Are Highway 41 and Highway 49 being cleaned up? Those two roads are state highways that fall under CalTrans jurisdiction. The focus for the cleanup is on county-maintained roads. (Adopt-a-Hwy volunteers who have valid permits may certainly choose to cleanup on this day.)

* I’d like to help, but physically I’m unable to. For North Fork, call Judy at (877) 877-2361; in Coarsegold, call Sandee at (559) 760-1058; and in Oakhurst, call MJ at 907-3296 to determine a nonphysical way for you to help out.

* Why are you doing this cleanup? Wasn’t there one just a few months ago? Yes, we schedule a cleanup twice a year. Unfortunately, after a roadside has been thoroughly cleaned up, it doesn’t stay that way. Whether it’s on-purpose littering, inadvertent littering, or littering through negligence (loads not being properly secured), an area that was once spotless will become trashy again. In addition to the scheduled cleanups, KOMB advocates for policies and practices that help prevent roadside litter.

If you share our concerns and our vision for a beautiful Mountain Area, join us. New members are welcome. Call Judy at (559) 877-2361 or Sandee at (559) 760-1058 if you would like to join KOMB and/or attend the next meeting. You may also contact us at komb4emc@gmail.com.

Written by Sandee Scott and submitted by Keep Our Mountains Beautiful .