Won't let you down

I decided to run for the DA's office because I am alarmed - as everyone in Madera should be - at the current condition of the office. Our county suffers when the DA's office is the subject of numerous lawsuits alleging employment discrimination; when cases are backlogged due to poor work flow and office procedures; and when supervision is so poor that a Deputy DA is convicted of a misdemeanor over misconduct in a case and may lose his bar license.

Our county deserves a well-managed, professional, and flexible DA's office. Law enforcement needs to know that the DA will help them. The community needs to know the DA's office will hear them. The staff of the office needs responsible, unpretentious leadership. The District Attorney needs to work smarter so staff and community are supported.

My career in public service shows I can provide what Madera's DA office needs. For the last 14 years I have handled high caseloads and multiple court days . I helped to develop the first Family Law Facilitator's office in Madera. I have created training materials for child welfare workers and have developed systems to make the cases flow better. I have led a complaint resolution unit at Child Support. I have the ability to handle the stress of high caseloads and multiple days each week in court, knowledge of a vast scheme of regulations, statutes, case law, and policy, and the capacity to work with large teams within the departments and systems built up around the law. I have been a public defender, a deputy district attorney, a child support attorney, and, for the last eight years, a deputy county counsel -- primarily handling child abuse and neglect cases. I have thousands of hours of experience working with people and making decisions affect people's lives.

My management techniques will build morale and job satisfaction. Madera needs a manager who will improve productivity and cooperation and build its future leaders from with in. This is a small legal community and people tend to know each other. There is no doubt in my mind that I have better people skills than either of my competitors. I live in Raymond, our daughter was born here, I value our country home, and I know the needs of the entire county, not just the city. Vote for me on June 3 and I won't let you down.