Dennis Fairbanks

Dear Editor,

I recently noticed in the "County Line-Madera" magazine, the quarterly publication for April-June 2014, an editorial by Tony Ward regarding the Madera County Sheriff candidates.

Ward points out that all the candidates support the second Amendment and Concealed Weapons Permits for all those who qualify.

However, Mr. Ward challenged the sheriff candidates to address issues such as staffing, the number of deputies needed for shifts and area locations, the ratio of management-to-deputies defined, strategy for securing funding through the Madera County Board of Supervisors and how the sheriff would pursue the incorporation of the County Jail within the responsibility of the sheriff's department — all of which are directly related to budgetary constraints.

In my opinion, Dennis Fairbanks has been the only candidate willing to explain his sensible fiscal plans to voters. With 31 years of law enforcement experience, as well as a degree in business, he possesses the right combination of credentials to be Madera County's next sheriff.

Richard Hoffman, Oakhurst