Support Michael Keitz

Dear Editor,

I am writing to commend Mike Keitz and to ask voters to vote for him on June 3 of this year. I have known Mike for more than 25 years, both professionally and personally. He is a great guy and a person everyone would like to know.

I was a prosecutor in Madera County for nearly 30 years and have tried criminal cases, handled child support and criminal appeals. For the sake of picking the best available prosecutor, Mike is a great choice.

To my knowledge, Mike's experience has been totally in the prosecution of crime and the protection of people in Madera County. Mike has never tried to get a criminal off, but has always done the best thing to protect the people of Madera County.

If you want a District Attorney for Madera County who knows how to protect you and yours, vote for Mike Keitz. A vote for Mike is a vote for integrity and justice for all: this is this man's lifelong goal for you.

Paul Avent, Oakhurst