Hitting a nerve

Dear Editor,

It's a pretty good bet that Congressman Tom McClintock's entire response (Sierra Star - May 8) to an earlier piece by columnist Peter Cavanaugh is a bunch of omissions, distortions, and inventions. That's what everything else has amounted to that I've ever fact checked. And if not, well, even Darrell Issa voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (S.47 on govtrack.us). McClintock was one of the four California Republicans (out of 15) who voted against.

And his statement "I oppose corporate welfare in all its forms" sure doesn't jive with his vote on HR 992, a bill, mostly written by Citigroup, which includes Swaps trading under FDIC.

On the hopeful news front, Art Moore has been endorsed by Nate Beason, chair of the RCRC, and three Mariposa County supervisors and former Congressman George Radanovich.

I always enjoyed Cavanaugh's columns and look forward to seeing many more of them.

Cayce Jones, Midpines