‘I like Mike’

Elect the clown – expect a circus.

Our Philanderer-in-Chief never fails to disappoint – offering three ring spills, chills and thrills as he enters his second year of dazzling degeneration.

Abandonment of governmental perspective and social policies established by our WW II warriors of “The Greatest Generation” are accelerating exponentially, almost unnoticed.

Distraction dominates. Our eyes and ears are filled with daily head spinning details of the latest outrages, each replacing and erasing the last. Paying true attention with appropriate response requires strength, stamina and stability beyond levels of normal human experience and expectation. That’s why Michael Avennati is my new media hero.

“There are results. Then there are excuses.” – Michael Avennati (2018).

Michael Avennati, 47, is a professional race car driver who has competed in dozens of events in recent years, including the American Le Mans Series, the FIA World Endurance Championship, The Porsche Supercup and United Sports Car Championships in the United States and Europe.

But that’s a hobby. His day job is attorney – an occupation in which he has displayed decades of excellence. With a porno star as client, Donald J. Trump is now in his cross hairs.

Stormy Daniels says she spent some adult time with Trump back in 2006, shortly after First Lady Melania gave birth to Barron, even as the boy’s father was also sharing special moments for an extended period with Karen McDougal, Playboy’s 1998 Playmate of the Year.

Just before Trump was elected our 45th president in 2016, Stormy received $130,000 supposedly to be quiet about their liaison. That’s fancy French for you know what.

While exactly who coughed up the cash for precisely what is now the subject of a federal investigation or two, Mr. Avennati has leapt to the forefront in defending Ms. Daniels and defining one of Trump’s closest confidants, personal lawyer Michael Cohen, as a spectacular screw-up and potential nightmare for the White House.

Avennati has recently logged more TV time than Johnny Carson in his prime. Mike’s really good at it – enthusiastically engaging. And he’s committing the most unforgivable sin of all in grabbing the spotlight from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, holding the stage with Donald enraged. That’s entertainment. So is this.

The current No. 1 best seller, “A Higher Loyalty,” is not about Keith Richards. The very thought of comparing Donald Trump with the former Director of the FBI in matters of truth, honesty and integrity is patently absurd. Look in the nearest mirror. Ask your image, “Who would I trust with my family’s lives? Jim or the Joker?”

Mr. Comey is now a private citizen. Those complaining about his brief subjective and marginally unflattering references to the president in “A Higher Loyalty” might reflect that (a) these things make the book much more interesting and (b) Comey was fired in a ham fisted, devastatingly humiliating manner. He heard the announcement of TV by a reporter. It’s no wonder a certain amount of cool attitude comes shining through.

I hope to see you tonight (April 26) at Yosemite High School for a major debate between our three candidates for Madera County District Attorney. It will be our current DA, David Linn, facing off against two worthy opponents – Paul Hornick and Sally Moreno.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with the program kicking off at 6:30. The Oakhurst Democratic Club is sponsoring tonight’s debate with assistance from Yosemite Mock Trial Team Members. They’re just back from doing us proud representing Madera County in State Competition.

I moderated the 2014 debate between Mr. Linn and Michael Keitz and was honored being asked to repeat such tonight.