For the good of democracy

Good Grief - Bill Atwood can’t even make it through his first paragraph in his May 18 column without repeating the false narrative that Hillary Clinton committed crimes.

Bill confuses doing something he doesn’t like with doing something illegal. Director Comey testified that no reasonable prosecutor would have brought charges, but Trump and his stooges never stopped referring to her “crimes,” as though she had been tried and convicted.

These same folks now demand that Trump must be given the benefit of the doubt they refused to grant Ms. Clinton.

Bill seems to be unaware of the facts of Russian interference. His question, “Was even one vote in any machine altered by the Russians” completely misses the point. In the months preceding the election, Russian operatives bombarded social media with false narratives critical of Ms. Clinton.

We can’t be sure how many votes were swayed by their effort, but 17 intelligence agencies have reported that influencing votes - not altering ballots -- was what the Russians were trying to do.

Bill declares that “no crime” was committed by Trump or his team, well before any conclusions have been reached by the three agencies investigating a possible Russia connection. But he feels free to declare that Ms. Clinton was guilty, even after hearing testimony from the top cop in America that she was, in fact, not guilty.

The 2016 election was dominated by a pathological liar, a malignant narcissist whose inability to accept facts continues unabated, to the consternation of reasonable Americans from all sides of the political spectrum.

For the good of our democracy, we need to reject the culture of willful mendacity that permeates the White House, and tell the truth to ourselves, each other, and our elected officials.

Charles Bednar, Oakhurst