Pharmacist Doug Mallouf gave Oakhurst so much more than prescriptions

Doug Mallouf
Doug Mallouf Special to the Sierra Star

Doug Mallouf gave all he could.

Whether it was a beating in Trivial Pursuit, a prescription, a pair of cleats for a football game or a friendly voice to have conversation with, Mallouf would be there to provide it, recounted his wife, Jacqueline Mallouf.

Mallouf died July 2. He was 85.

Jacqueline said her husband did everything willingly due to his compassion for those around him, whether it was family, friends or strangers.

Jacqueline remembers high school coaches coming to her husband in confidence about a player who needed equipment for the upcoming season. Whether or not he had ever even seen the player’s face, Mallouf would purchase what they needed.

When help was needed on a project for Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary, he was always ready to provide a helping hand.

“Those matters were always taken care of, no questions asked,” Jacqueline said.

Mallouf’s career as a pharmacist was perfect for his insatiable selflessness. He began in Fresno, where he owned Hood’s Pharmacy from 1965 to 1978. But Fresno evolved to a point where he felt like he could no longer give it the attention it needed.

The ever-evolving diversity of the city called for bilingual or even trilingual pharmacists, someone he was not and did not have the funds to hire, Jacqueline said. So Mallouf set his sights on Oakhurst.

“He always loved the mountains,” his wife said.

It was in Oakhurst where he became what his wife described as a “24/7 pharmacist.” Mallouf would take calls on the weekends and at home when he was not working up until his retirement in 2008.

The people of Oakhurst saw him as more than just a pharmacist.

“He was a medical friend and a personal friend,” Jacqueline said.

In spite of his professional life taking up so much of his time, he still figured out a way to give his family the love and attention they required as well.

Mallouf has three children: sons Ralph and Kevin Mallouf; and daughter Stacey Mallouf Nairne. He always found time to attend their sporting events and beat them all at board games.

Mallouf’s love for board games would stretch into their dinner time. Jacqueline remembers her husband bringing the games into restaurants at times.

“There were people in the restaurant and eventually they would hear us. They would all gather around the board to see who would win,” Jacqueline said, laughing.

It was hard to miss the Mallouf family during one of their board game sessions – Doug made sure of that. He loved to win and he loved to rub it in.

“If you were losing by 15 points, he would make sure you realized you were losing by 15 points,” Malllouf Nairne said of her father.

Mallouf competed hard, but at the end of the day it was about fun, his daughter said.

His wife said that whatever it was that Mallouf was doing, it meant more to him that he was able to share it with the people he loved.

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Doug Mallouf

Born: March 22, 1933

Died: July 2, 2018

Hometown: Oakhurst

Occupation: Pharmacist

Survived by: Wife Jacqueline Mallouf, sons Ralph and Kevin Mallouf, daughter Stacey Mallouf Nairne, grandchildren

Services: 11 a.m. Saturday, July 21 at Christ Church-Anglican, 40216 Highway 49, Oakhurst