Yosemite High has 13 new Cadet Corps members

Thirteen new Yosemite High School Cadet Corps recruits completed a rigorous 26 hours of training Oct. 16 and 17, to graduate with full honors, joining the ranks as full fledged Cadets in the YHS California Cadet Corps.

The Recruit Training Platoon took classes in military customs and courtesies, drill and ceremony, history of the Cadet Corps, ranks and insignias, and foundations of American government.

Held at the Ansel Adams building on campus, the ceremony began with the posting of the colors by the Cadet Corps color guard, the pledge of allegiance, and a invocation by Cadet Corps Captain Capt. Ellen Peterson.

Cadets receiving the Specialized Training Ribbon were: Austin Buchanan, Tiana Chapman, Sahvannah Costella, Shania Costella, Thomas Driscoll, Andrew Durham, Tyler Gails, Kirsten Radecki, Honor Graduate Christian Rold, Hope Sanchez, Brandon Shortnacy, Jordan Sutton, and William Swan.

Peterson congratulated the graduates and presented each of them them with the California Cadet Corps Distinctive Unit Insignia.

a special certificate of accomplishment was presented to Cadet Christian Rold, who distinguished himself above his peers, and showed a superior knowledge and skills during training.

“This acknowledges they have learned basic military knowledge, and have earned the right to wear the Distinctive Insignia,” Peterson said.

Instructors were officers and NCO’s: C/SGT Samantha Archer, C/SGT Tyler Asis, C/1LT Chandler Clarke, C/1LT Kael Mazzola, C/SGT Caleb Morgan, C/SGT Daniel Roberts, C/2LT Nathaniel Schlepp, C/SGT Jared Shipp, C/1LT Russell Warmerdam, C/CSM David Archer, C/LT Linda Champion, and C/CAPT Ellen Peterson.

YHS Cadet Corps Correspondent