Celebrating 20 years and eighth grade graduates

Mountain Home School Charter is celebrating its 20th year as one of the original 100 California schools granted a charter back in 1994.

“The success of our program is an amazing staff who believe in this educational model and the students and their families who allow us to serve them and be a part of their lives, principal Mindy Klang said.

“We maintain our vision by assisting parents in homeschooling their children,” Klang continued. “We do this by creating a rigorous, dynamic, and accountable learning community that is built upon voluntary association, personalized student learning, and high academic standards.”

This year, students participated in Academic Pentathlon, ROV (Remotely Operating Vehicles) competition, Regional Spelling Bee, Peach Blossom, Mountain Area Track Meet, and the eighth grade trip to Catalina. Additionally, many on-site classes, activities, and field trips took place over the course of the year.

The eighth grade promotion ceremony last week filled the YHS Theater room to capacity.

“With the end of school approaching, we will also be saying good-bye to long-time Mountain Home teacher and supporter of homeschooling, Joanie Madaus,” Klang said. “She is retiring and will be greatly missed.”

With a growing enrollment, the school will expand into the Fresno area, and has hired new staff for the coming school year.

“Mountain Home School was number 63 out of the first 100 charter schools,” explained Eric Hagen, principal/technology administrator and teacher for Western Sierra Charter Schools. “Of those original 100, very few are still operating. This is the second oldest personalized learning charter school in all of California. There is no other charter school older in the central valley like ours.”

- Community Correspondent