Madera County math tournament

Coarsegold Elementary School’s seventh-grade and Thomas Jefferson Middle School’s eighth-grade teams won the Madera County Academic Pentathlon Math Tournament on Friday, March 13.

Rivergold Elementary School came in second place and Oak Creek Intermediate School placed third in the seventh-grade competition. Coarsegold Elementary School’s eighth-grade team placed second in the competition and Rivergold Elementary School placed third at the eighth-grade level.

Sixteen schools and nearly 175 students participated in the Math Tournament hosted by the Madera County Office of Education. Each grade competed in a separate competition. Students took three tests: Individual Endurance, Circuit Training and Relay Race at the Madera Center.

During the Circuit Training competition teams were given 20 questions and 2 minutes, 30 seconds per question, moving through a circuit. St. Joachim School placed first in the Circuit Training seventh-grade competition, followed by Oak Creek Intermediate School and Coarsegold Elementary School. Thomas Jefferson Middle School won the eighth-grade competition. St. Joachim School placed second and Sherman Thomas Charter School placed third.

Students raced to answer questions during the Relay Race. Oak Creek Intermediate School came in first place in the seventh-grade competition. Coarsegold Elementary School placed second followed by Mountain Home School Charter. Rivergold Elementary School placed first in the eighth-grade competition. Oak Creek Intermediate School came in second and Wasuma School placed third.

The results for the individual test will be announced during the Academic Pentathlon awards ceremony on Saturday, March 21 at Ranchos Middle School.

The Math Tournament is part of the Academic Pentathlon where students participate in a series of five events. Events include the math tournament, essay competition, speech event, literature test and Super Quiz.

“The Math Tournament is quite an exciting competition,” said Cyndy Dolph, Associate Superintendent, Madera County Office of Education. “It’s great to see teams interacting with other students from Madera County while having a blast completing various math tasks.”

Students will participate in speech, literature and the Super Quiz on Saturday, March 21 at Ranchos Middle School. Students will speak on the topic of caring, one of the pillars in “Character Counts,” and take a test based on the novel Scat by Carl Hiaasen. The Super Quiz topic is “Earth and Life History, Including Evolution.”

The Super Quiz will begin at 12 p.m. and the public is invited to attend. The event will conclude with the awards ceremony beginning at 2 p.m. where the 2015 Pentathlon winning teams will be announced.

This is the 31st Academic Pentathlon.

- Madera County Office of Education