Regional spelling bee April 18-19

The Eastern Madera County spelling bee will be held 5:30 p.m., April 18-19 at Coarsegold Elementary School. On April 18, kindergartners through fourth graders will compete, with fifth through eighth graders competing the following evening.

Countywide area schools held spelling bees to determine the students moving on to the regional bee. The following is a list of the winners, by school, along with grade levels and winning words (if known).

Coarsegold Elementary

Kindergarten: Xander Lockwood (snow)

First: Lauren Wynn (awful)

Second: Wyatt Lawhon (geese)

Third: Mikaila Ruiz (shining)

Fourth: Aaron Flores (journal)

Fifth: Hannah Wilson (ramble)

Sixth: Shelby Szabadi (glisten)

Seventh: Ulyana Nelson (citation)

Eighth: Jack Campbell (forgery)


Kindergarten: Logan Phillips (we)

First: Mariah Lavell (twelve)

Second: Sydney Lacey (coffee)

Third: Jadyn Benak (borrow)

Fourth: Robert Marmom (gesture)

Fifth: Aidan Feskorn (avalanche)

Sixth: Sonia O’brien (chalk)

Seventh: Amanda Takash (charade)

Eighth: Gwen Burnett (foliage)

Raymond Elementary

Kindergarten: Bayleigh Bowers

First: Ezra Seymour

Second: Lily Poplarchick

Third: John Dudley

Fourth: Thomas Dudley (sandwich)

Fifth: Lovely Martinez-Bon (nervous)

Sixth: Alyssa Frey

Seventh: Hailey Bethel

Eighth: Salem Brewer

Spring Valley

Kindergarten: Madeline McLane (who)

First: Olivia Fontanilla (watch)

Second: Kyah Smith (special)

Third: Ella Cohlan (quiet)

Fourth: Spencer Pillsbury (chocolate)

Fifth: Grace Noonkester (canyon)

Sixth: Ian Lowndes (molecule)

Seventh: Jaden Henderson (superfluous)

Eighth: Syler Pillsbury (luxurious)

North Fork Elementary

Kindergarten: Jaydon Draper

First: Jacob Campion

Second: Joey Coon

Third: Mia Garcia

Fourth: Laura Desilva

Fifth: Delilah Whitner

Sixth: Elva Gurule

Seventh: Clover Cicoletti

Eighth: Americus Hawkins


Kindergarten: Kaia Hawkins (some)

First: Taylor Chastain (wall)

Second: Wyatt Tomazin (fruit)

Third: Kate Meyer (gigantic)

Fourth: Cody Aleshire (changing)

Fifth: Gabe Sanchez (rampage)

Sixth: Jane Irion (salvage)

Seventh: Rylie McLaughlin (gauge)

Eighth: Grayson Bulmer (legion)


Sixth: Serenity Salcido and Jacoby Wood

Seventh: Lauren Mills and Kale King

Eighth: Delayne McCoon

Oakhurst Elementary

Kindergarten: Ryder Burrell (cup)

First: Jonaton Ramirez (people)

Second: June Nagata (usually)

Third: Toni DeVito (museum)

Fourth: Elle Stewart (gratitude)

Fifth: Caleb Mills

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