Dogs chasing students

On April 12, a school resource deputy in Coarsegold was advised by the Yosemite Unified School District Transportation Supervisor that dogs were chasing students to their bus stop. Photos were taken of the dogs, located in the 31000 block of Apache Road, and forwarded to Madera County Animal Control for review.

That was one of some 82 incidents reported to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of April 10-17, with some in the Mountain Area listed below:


*  April 10: Attempted burglary reported in the 42000 block of Bridge Road.

*  April 10: A suspect had left the scene of a possible burglary in the 42000 block of Highway 41. A weapon had reportedly been brandished at the store. No arrests were made.

*  April 11: Fraud was reported by someone visiting the Oakhurst sheriff’s substation.

*  April 12: A male Yosemite High School student made a verbal threat towards his teacher. Charges forwarded to the Madera County Juvenile Probation Department.

*  April 12: Burglary reported in the 42000 block of Highway 41. The suspect or suspects were arrested and charges were forwarded to the Madera County District Attorney’s Office.

*  April 13: Assault reported in the 40100 block of Highway 49.

*  April 13: A man was causing a disturbance at the Oakhurst sheriff’s substation on Liberty Drive, expressing hostility towards staff, then attempting to leave on foot despite being advised to halt. The man was booked into Madera County Jail.

*  April 14: A male suspect was cited and released for illegally camping with a friend under the bridge on Highways 41 and 49.

*  April 14: A purse was found in the 48000 block of River Park Road.


*  April 10: A deputy was dispatched to the 46500 block of Lucky Lane near Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino for found property and narcotics. Security at the casino turned over methamphetamine, a pipe, and a burnt marijuana bud. The items were destroyed.

*  April 10: A male suspect at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino was cited on two misdemeanor warrants.

*  April 12: Vandalism reported in the 46000 block of Oonay Nation Road.

*  April 12: Assault reported in the 47900 block of Shawnee Avenue.

*  April 13: Two suspects were walking onto people’s properties in the area of Ranger Circle and Moccasin Drive. The female suspect was related to a prior threats call, while the male was arrested for an unrelated offense.

*  April 13: A suspect threatened to kill a caretaker and her children in the 45000 block of Meadow Road. The suspect was arrested and booked into Madera County Jail.

*  April 14: A suspect who resisted deputies while intoxicated in the 30000 block of Highway 41 was arrested and booked into Madera County Jail.

*  April 15: Theft reported at the Coarsegold Market.


*  April 13: Theft reported in the 41200 block of Riverbend Lane.

*  April 15: Assault reported in the 42300 block of Highway 49. The case was forwarded to detectives.

North Fork

*  April 10: Burglary reported in the 56000 block of Road 200.

*  April 11: A male driver is arrested for a misdemeanor warrant in the North Fork area.

*  April 12: Found property was reported in the 53200 block of Timberview Road, including a medical vial containing a substance expected to be blood.

*  April 12: A person found their way out of the Whiskey Falls area on their own, though a Search and Rescue team was called.

*  April 13: Two county vehicles were damaged while chasing down a fleeing felony suspect.

*  April 13: A man in the 31000 block of Wyle Ranch Road was able to escape deputies by fleeing on foot. His girlfriend was arrested and booked into Madera County Jail.

*  April 16: Items were stolen from vehicles and a restaurant was burglarized in the 33000 block of Road 230. The case was forwarded to the juvenile probation department.

Bass Lake

*  April 16: Theft reported at Pines Resort. The estimated value of items stolen was less than $950.


*  April 11: Suspicious circumstances reported in the area of House Ranch Road and Road 200.

NOTE: The above is a sampling of 82 calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of April 10 - April 17, and is in no way inclusive. Defendants are presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.