72-year-old North Fork resident arrested during Corrine Fire

During the Corrine Fire in North Fork which started June 18, Charles Borden, 72 years old, was arrested after he walked through the road block at Road 225, and then ran away when officers tried to stop him. According to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department, Borden wanted to get to his property because he had some geese and chickens there. Borden was arrested and booked at the Madera County Jail without further incident. The case has been forwarded to the DAs office for filing charges.

Other incidents reported to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department during the week of June 13-20 were:


* 7:49 p.m., June 14 - Report of burglary to a business on Highway 49. Case suspended, pending investigative leads.

* 1 p.m., June 15 - Report of theft on Redbud Drive. The stolen property was recovered during an investigation of an unrelated case.

* 6:24 p.m., June 16 - Report of vandalism to a vehicle on River Park Road. A report was written and charges were requested.

* 7:45 p.m., June 16 - Report of vehicle versus pedestrian on Enterprise Drive. The incident started with an argument, then one of the involved parties (who had apparently been drinking) stood in front of the truck not allowing it to leave, the truck moved forward and bumped or nudged him, he fell to the ground and the truck stopped. The man then got up and started walking towards the driver’s door, the driver of the truck started to drive away and the victim somehow was ran over by the trailer tires. The driver stated he had plenty of room and doesn’t know how the man was ran over by the trailer. No charges were filed. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital by Sierra Ambulance, a case was generated and later closed.

* 12:13 p.m., June 17 - Area business reports a female wanting to hurt herself because of relationship issues with her husband. She went to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

* 1:03 p.m., June 17 - A subject in front of the Oakhurst Library was found to be in possession of marijuana. He was cited and released. Case referred to DA’s office for charges.

Bass Lake

* 12:24 a.m., June 13 - Deputies respond to family disturbance on Road 274, where male subject was found to be extremely intoxicated and at one point, making statements of wanting to put a gun in his mouth and commit suicide. He was sent to Madera Community Hospital for a 72-hour evaluation based on his statements.

* 12:48 a.m., June 20 - Report of fight in parking lot on Road 432. Citizen’s arrest was made, suspect cited and given court date.


* 7:20 p.m., June 15 - Report of male subject wanting to kill himself on Hopi Avenue. Deputies found male on a bench in the front yard, holding a butcher knife with both hands against his stomach. By using his department-issued taser, the deputy was able to remove the knife. The male subject was uninjured, and was placed on a 72 hour hold, and transported to a local hospital for observation.

* 8:02 a.m., June 16 - Deputy dispatched to a school on Road 415 for theft of gasoline from a vehicle.

* 12:16 p.m., June 18 - Report of possible real estate fraud on Yosemite Springs Parkway. Investigation is ongoing.

The above calls are a sampling of the 107 calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of June 13-20, and are in no way inclusive. All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.