Marijuana plants found at Beasore Meadows cabin

Last week, Madera County Sheriff’s deputies received a tip from a cabin owner in the Beasore area above Bass lake that unknown people were staying in his cabin without his permission, and manufacturing methamphetamine.

There has also been a number of recent burglaries in the area.

Sheriff’s office personnel along with a US Forest Service law enforcement officer checked the vacant cabin and found evidence of a marijuana growing operation.

They checked about 20 acres of property near the cabin and discovered a 550 gallon water tank being fed by a gas powered water pump and filled with a water-fertilizer solution. Officers also found and eradicated 3,276 marijuana plants on the property.

The property owner has returned to his property, but now must clean up the waste left behind including hundreds of feet of drip irrigation line.

The investigation into the illegal marijuana cultivation as well as the recent string of burglaries in the Beasore Meadows area is continuing.

- Madera County Sheriff’s Office