North Fork man jailed for attempted murder

Charles Ray Shipp, age 62, of North Fork, sits behinds bars, accused of attempted murder and burglary, after storming his ex-girlfriend’s house last night.

According to reports, Shipp walked into his ex-girlfriend’s home, armed with a shotgun, and said, “This is how it’s gonna end.” She was able to fend him off, but not before, he fired at least two shots inside her house. She suffered minor injuries.

The pair had recently separated. In order to protect the victim, the Sheriff’s Office cannot release the location of the crime. The incident occurred around 5 p.m.

Based on a number of threatening texts the suspect purportedly sent, friends became deeply concerned that he would go to her residence to harm her. Deputies responded, and while en route, Shipp had already made his way inside the victim’s house.

He was already gone when deputies pulled in, but was apprehended roughly an hour later at his residence on Timberview Road in North Fork.

Charles Ray Shipp was booked into Madera County Department of Corrections with bail set $1 million.

-Madera County Sheriff's Department