Madera County man tied to major drug trafficking operation

A two year-long investigation, led by the Madera County Narcotic Enforcement Team (MADNET), has dealt a local blow to a Multi-State drug trafficking ring.

Thirty-one year old Lawrence Alexander Tidwell, a convicted felon, is accused of cultivation of marijuana, possessing marijuana for distribution, and felon in possession of a firearm.

MADNET’s case against Tidwell was made in conjunction with a parallel investigation involving organized crime behind the shipment of marijuana to regions in the Southwest region of the United States.

MADNET, with assistance from DEA agents, recently served a search warrant at an undisclosed residence where they seized 1,200 marijuana plants, evidence showing the marijuana was being grown for distribution, and four firearms, including an AK-47 style semi-automatic rifle, along with more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

The US Attorney’s Office will prosecute this case. Despite Tidwell’s arrest, this is investigation is far from over.

Due to the sensitive nature of this case, MADNET must withhold details surrounding Tidwell’s arrest, including where it was carried out, the date and time.

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, praised the narcotic task force for its steadfast work and urges citizens to contact MADNET’s 24-hour tip line at (559) 675-7776.