MADNET eradicates illegal greenhouse grow

Agents with the Madera County Narcotic Enforcement Team (MADNET) uncovered a vast illegal marijuana growing operation Thursday, May 23, hidden on 40 acres of private land in the foothills of Eastern Madera County.

Greenhouses – some nearly the size of a football field – dotted the landscape. Each garden contains hundreds of fully budded marijuana plants. A nearby shed was already filled with hundreds more ready for process.None of the growers were on the property when Agents moved in.

The only sign of life was young and frightened German Shepherd, chained to a tree, and without food or water. The tree offered little to no shade for the dog that appeared to be in distress. Animal Control was called to the scene to transport it to a shelter in Madera.

Code enforcement says the growers were also using a 2600 gallon water tank to feed four marijuana gardens. Two large haulers were used to cart away 502 plants to an undisclosed site for destruction.Evidence found at the scene suggests the growing operation was being run by a group of South East Asians.

-Madera County Sheriff's Office