Scam artists use new technique

Madera County authorities have issued a fraud alert to all area citizens.Sheriff John Anderson said in this recent attempt the scam artist used a new technique of obtaining the victims personal information and using it to convince them it is not a scam.

The report comes after a Madera County woman received a call from a man disguising himself as a representative of the U.S. Attorney Generals Office. The scam artist then read the victim her Social Security number to convince her he was a legitimate representative.

According to Anderson the caller proceeded to tell her that the victim needed to wire $5,000 to him due to clear up a legal matter and threatened to arrest the victim if they did not wire the money.

Anyone who receives a similar call is encouraged to notify authorities. Sheriff Anderson recommends that people take all necessary steps to ensure their credit and social security cars have not been compromised.

Anyone who notices their social missing should contact the Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline at 800-269-0271.