Coarsegold citizen arrested on fraud charges

Cutter James Randrup, 26, of Coarsegold sits behind bars after deputies caught him with dozens of phony Green Dot MoneyPak cards at a motel in Oakhurst.

According to reports, motel personnel became suspicious after he used two credit cards to pay for two separate rooms – one for $66 on February 25, and another room for $188, on February 26.

Even though both cards passed when swiped, showing pre-approved, motel personnel called the establishment’s credit merchant who advised neither card was any good.

He was still in his room when deputies arrived. They seized nearly 20 prepaid debit cards, all bearing his name.

Randrup remains jailed at this hour with bail set at $80,000 -- booked for commercial burglary, credit card fraud and committing a felony while out on bail.

The case remains under investigation.

-Madera County Sheriff's Office