Stranger danger alert

Sheriff John Anderson is issuing a stranger danger alert to Madera County citizens after an unidentified man was able to gain entry into a home (located in the Wild Wood Mobile Home Park) and steal the couple’s prescription medications.

Early evening yesterday, a Senior Citizen couple unwittingly invited a young man into their home when he asked if he could use their restroom, and reportedly asked them for a cup of coffee as well.

The stranger is described as a white male in his late teens early twenties, who called himself “Steve.” He has a slim build, was wearing a short sleeve light colored shirt, blue jeans and sported short dark hair.

Witnesses nearby say they say an older model white pick-up (with a white sticker on the driver’s side windshield) was parked in front of the couple’s home when the crime occurred.

Anyone with information is urged to call either the Madera County Sheriff’s Office at 559-675-7770 or 498-STOP.

Meantime Sheriff Anderson is cautioning citizens about opening their doors to strangers. In these times it’s often difficult to know the difference between a good stranger and a dangerous one. Dangerous strangers can appear nice, and they might even know your name. In this case, the stranger had full access of all names in the mobile home park.

“Never let a stranger into your home,” he says, “even to use your bathroom or phone. Whatever reason they may use to get in, do NOT open your door. If the stranger does not go away, call 911.”

-Madera County Sheriff's Office