Sheriff's office cautions about phishing scams

Sheriff John Anderson is cautioning Madera County residents about the latest phishing scam targeting residents with cash offers of $9,000 courtesy Uncle Sam.

Just this morning the Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a citizen who says she received a call from a 000-000 number. The caller told her that the Federal Government was awarding $9,000 grants to citizens who pay their taxes on time and have a clean record.

In order to expedite payment to the victim, the caller said he needed the victim’s driver’s license information and either her checking account or credit card number.

“Whoever is calling you,” says Sheriff Anderson, managed to trick your caller ID to display the 000-000 number.”

Similar calls are also coming from people claiming to represent retailers as well, says Sheriff Anderson. “They’re phishing for information,” he adds, “so don’t get spoofed.”

If you receive a call from a 000 number, Sheriff Anderson says, hang up.

-Madera County Sheriff's Office