Yosemite students arrested for felony vandalism

Two Yosemite High School students are facing felony vandalism charges for egging cars parked in the Minarets High School parking lot last Thursday, Jan. 31, in O’Neals.

Sheriff John Anderson says video surveillance, along with tips provided by both adults and students, led Deputy Sheriff Gerald Marin to the two suspects -- 18-year-old Alex Roger Mears of Oakhurst, and a 17-year-old, also of Oakhurst.

While students who attend Minarets High sat in class, their school’s video surveillance captured the two suspects pulling into the campus parking lot, and in pouring rain, carried out an egging rampage, hitting several cars. The victims didn’t discover the extent of the damage until hours after the weather had cleared.

At least three victims have so far reported more than $4,000 in damages to their vehicles.

Both suspects were tracked down the next day and taken into custody that afternoon.

The 17-year-old was transported to Madera County Juvenile Hall. Mears was transported to Madera County Department of Corrections and booked on suspicion of criminal conspiracy and felony vandalism. With bail set at $10,000, Mears still remains behind bars at this hour.

-Madera County Sheriff's Department