Coarsegold teens arrested on felony charges

Sheriff John Anderson announced this morning the arrest of three Coarsegold teenagers – caught late last night after vandalizing the Yosemite Lakes Park Clubhouse over the weekend and setting stolen property on fire in the densely populated area of Coarsegold. The three teenagers, (one age 14, the other two, age 16) were booked into Madera County Juvenile Hall on multiple felony charges – commercial burglary, felony vandalism, arson and conspiracy. Their names cannot be released because they are juveniles.

Sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, the trio broke into the Clubhouse, located off Yosemite Lakes Parkway, stole three golf carts and destroyed a fourth, then yanked three surveillance cameras off the building, setting them on fire near Lilley Mountain Lane – nearly three miles away.

Sheriff Anderson says detectives suspect the teens set the cameras on fire in an attempt to destroy any evidence linking them to the burglary and vandalism.

The cameras alone were worth between $600 and $700.

“In light of the recent rash of fires due to exceedingly dry conditions in our county and throughout our state,” said Sheriff Anderson, “we are painfully aware of the magnitude of damage this fire could have caused that entire region of Coarsegold. Thankfully, the fire did not grow out of control.”

And while the teens may have demolished the cameras, adds Sheriff Anderson, they failed to destroy the recording of the video evidence.

The juveniles were identified and arrested at their homes last night. In the meantime, two golf carts have since been recovered, a third is still missing. The investigation is ongoing.

Yosemite Lakes Park covers approximately 10 square miles, with approximately 1,870 homes. This Coarsegold subdivision is located between Highway 41 and Road 400.

- Madera County Sheriff's Office